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NEYMAR JR CBF skin 1.0 2015-06-17

CBF NEYMAR JR livery - Formula A - Project CARS

  1. derick_pereira
    1. move FORMULA_A_LIVERY_PLAYER to pCARS > Vehicles > Textures > CustomLiveries
    2. run game
    3. my garage > select car > open wheel > Formula A = Custom Livery > Enter
    4. Enjoy the skin

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    My collection of f1 2015 skins:


    1. pCARS64 2015-06-17 14-53-44-71.jpg
    2. pCARS64 2015-06-17 14-56-03-84.jpg
    3. pCARS64 2015-06-17 14-56-13-87.jpg
    4. pCARS64 2015-06-17 14-56-23-54.jpg
    5. pCARS64 2015-06-17 14-56-34-16.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. jeffersonpitas
    Version: 2015-06-17
  2. PorcoRosso86
    Version: 2015-06-17
    Man, obviously is a fictional skin, but very well done! nice choice of colors and geometric scheme for the livery!
    1. derick_pereira
      Author's Response
      Thanks man, this was a request so I i thought why not!! Are you also a 3D artist or something like that?
  3. Kiegard
    Version: 2015-06-17
    Man....you dont do this -.-
    1. derick_pereira
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review though
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