Next-Gen Marcas

Next-Gen Marcas v0.65

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-Adjusted suspension rates. Front end should be stiffer now which will hopefully address concerns with pronounced lift-off oversteer and unpredictabilty under braking and reduce lift in high speed corners
-Reverted some bump values to address bump steer issues
-New 'NGM Sprint' tyres with reduced heating rates to address overheating issues at tracks with warmer ambient temps
-Added class overide

Update 0.6
  • A fresh installation of the mod is recommended
  • LED shift lights fixed for all cars (thanks to @Kevin Endermann and @vettelsepp for the tips)
  • Brake temp and cooling adjusted to prevent 'doing a Cammish'. Brake setting reverted back position 3 in default setup. With thanks to @Nobkins for crunching the numbers and @Vectruss for the feedback and testing
  • A small adjustment to rear pressures in default setup
  • I welcome any constructive criticism, good or bad. Please use the support section to ask questions or notify me of any issues. Please do not use the review section to do this.
  • This mod is currently in a WiP state. I've prioritised getting this working for clubs to run in online leagues. The mod is currently not optimised for single player use. Talent files are (as of v0.51) not implemented and due to the AI fuel calculations and/or tyre wear the AI may have a tendency to pit in the final laps or pull off track.
  • The car uses the Marcas realfeel values. With the changes I've made, the wheel (tested with T300) feels heavier. Feel free to adjust to your personal taste but please keep in mind adjusting this cars realfeel will also change it for the Marcas so have your realfeel settings backed up! Default value is 3600.


I'm also pleased to announce that this mod has been chosen to be run by AMS Unofficial. If you'd like to race NGM online with others then be sure to check them out. 3 races each round with reverse grid final race and ballast applied by the server after each race.

What is Next-Gen Marcas?

The Next Generation Marcas project is an attempt to bring the existing Marcas cars by Reiza to a specification resembling those used in current European and International Touring Cars, namely BTCC's NGTC spec and TCR. Most of the data and figures come from TCR spec cars (as these where more readily available) but, like the original Marcas and BTCC, each car shares many components including suspension and brakes etc.


  • New 2 litre turbo engine using AMS turbo simulation. Based on a Honda Civic, producing approx 350bhp and 420NM torque (currently shared by all brands)
  • Uprated transmission to handle the extra power and new fixed gear ratios based on homologated TCR specs
  • New springs and 2-way dampers front and rear, new ARBs
  • Increased weight and minimum ride height to better reflect TCR and BTCC regulations
  • Multiple changes to setup options to allow for changes that mimic TCR options and a default based on a factory setup
  • New sound file compiled using stock Reiza sounds


Simply extract your download (may require 7zip software) into your Automobilista install. The mod is completely standalone and should not overwrite any exsisting files. To remove simply delete the 2 'NGM' files in your series folder and the 'NextGenMarcas' folder located in GameData>vehicles.


3D models - Reiza Studios
Skins - Stiggy
Sounds - Reiza Studios (sfx file compiled by Matt Cook)
Tyre textures - Matt Cook
Physics - Base physics by Reiza, NGM spec additions by Matt Cook with contributions from Jim Nobbs
Testers - Matt Cook, Jim Nobbs, Tom Rogerson
Special Thanks - Davide Cardamone, Kevin Endermann, Rob Thompson, vettelsepp

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