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Next-Gen Marcas v0.65

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  • I welcome any constructive criticism, good or bad. Please use the support section to ask questions or notify me of any issues. Please do not use the review section to do this.
  • This mod is currently in a WiP state. I've prioritised getting this working for clubs to run in online leagues. The mod is currently not optimised for single player use. Talent files are (as of v0.51) not implemented and due to the AI fuel calculations and/or tyre wear the AI may have a tendency to pit in the final laps or pull off track.
  • The car uses the Marcas realfeel values. With the changes I've made, the wheel (tested with T300) feels heavier. Feel free to adjust to your personal taste but please keep in mind adjusting this cars realfeel will also change it for the Marcas so have your realfeel settings backed up! Default value is 3600.


What is Next-Gen Marcas?

The Next Generation Marcas project is an attempt to bring the existing Marcas cars by Reiza to a specification resembling those used in current European and International Touring Cars, namely BTCC's NGTC spec and TCR. Most of the data and figures come from TCR spec cars (as these where more readily available) but, like the original Marcas and BTCC, each car shares many components including suspension and brakes etc.



  • New 2 litre turbo engine using AMS turbo simulation. Based on a Honda Civic TCR, producing approx 350bhp and 420NM torque (currently shared by all brands)
  • Uprated transmission to handle the extra power and new fixed gear ratios based on homologated TCR specs
  • New springs and 2-way dampers front and rear
  • Increased weight and minimum ride height to better reflect TCR and BTCC regulations
  • Multiple changes to setup options to allow for changes that mimic TCR options and a default based on a factory setup
  • New sound file compiled using stock Reiza sounds



Simply extract your download (may require 7zip software) into your Automobilista install. The mod is completely standalone and should not overwrite any exsisting files. To remove simply delete the 2 'NGM' files in your series folder and the 'NextGenMarcas' folder located in GameData>vehicles.



3D models - Reiza Studios
Skins - Stiggy
Sounds - Reiza Studios (sfx file compiled by Matt Cook)
Tyre textures - Matt Cook
Physics - Base physics by Reiza, NGM spec additions by Matt Cook
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93.7 MB
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Latest updates

  1. v0.65

    -Adjusted suspension rates. Front end should be stiffer now which will hopefully address...
  2. L.E.D Fix & Brake temp improvements

    Update 0.6 A fresh installation of the mod is recommended LED shift lights fixed for all cars...

Latest reviews

Do like these...but blimey the lift off oversteer heading into corners is a nightmare. Maybe common to FWD as i have tended to use RWD cars in AMS.
Thanks for the review. While I can't comment with any authority, as I haven't driven the real thing, a noticeable lift off oversteer in these types of FWD touring cars is common. The trick is to always keep a bit of throttle on. Once you've become accumstomed it becomes a useful tool. Just as you'd apply a small amount of throttle to help rotate a RWD car, use a small amount of lift to nurse the nose towards an apex. In both cases, transistioning between zero to full throttle (and vice versa) to quickly will have you facing back to front sharpish! :)
Awesome, just awesome! really loving it! Keep it up mate!
Thanks for the review and thanks to the team for supporting the mod over at AMS Unofficial.
Amazing. Feels pretty much like I believe a TCR car would feel. I love it.
I was lucky enough to find a good wealth of info on the TCR cars and have tried to incorporate as much as I can. I'm glad to hear that has paid off. Thanks for the review.
This is a great mod sir. Thank you very much for your time and effort working on it, and sharing it with us!
Not a problem! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.
Good start, nice skins, but still it needs a lot of work to make a difference with original Marcas. Tire model should be checked, wheels become too hot.
Thanks for the feedback. I'd argue this mod is aiming to be an evolution rather than a revolution. It is literally built upon the original Marcas. While a few updates are planned I can't forsee any changes that will fundamentally change the car's feel if you're not satisfied with the cars current changes.
Regarding the tyres; most of testing was using British and Euro based tracks and it's apparent that, especially at warmer Brazilian tracks, tyres do exceed their optimal operating temps. Due to the way the tyres are implemented it isn't as easy as just adjusting the heating rates and initial attempts haven't proven sucessful. However, I'm confident I'll have a solution that will allow the tyres to be pushed in warmer locales soon.
Absolutely amazing!!
One of the best FWD I ever drove!! Congratulations for the fantastic work!
That's very high praise, indeed. It simply wouldn't be possible without Reiza's excellent original car. Thanks for your support.
Absolutely outstanding modding work.

This is the touring car mod I’d always hoped for. Yes, the Marcas DNA is still there but this mod is on a whole new level. Well done fellas!
Thanks for the encouraging words. I'm delighted it's scratched that itch for you.
An excellent progressions of the original Marcas. Physics are great and you can feel the Marcas heritage but it's not the same (a good thing).

A huge range of skins available in the pack and the sounds (especially external sounds) are very well done.

A great mod.
Thanks Senor Nobbs. The sounds were originally a placeholder but they've come out pretty well for my first ever go at them! Glad you're enjoying the mod and thanks for your help with the brake temp adjustments.
This is just plain excellent. Good work. Thanks.
Glad you liked it. Thanks for the review
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