New Plymouth (R.T.B.)Beta 0.38

New Plymouth coast circuit made with Race Track Builder

  1. Neil Shaw
    038. small adjustment to the AI , re sampled it from 1440 upto 4300 ,see if it would stop sum of the crashes in certain areas.. didnt . not even a slight difference anywhere , so ,definitely down to car AI.
    a new set of cameras
    just keeping this uploaded version the same as i test at home, found a few times i waz driving a different track with different objects here and there , keeping the production line the same through out.
    did the first AI at 70 ..which gives roughly 1400 points to adjust around the track, then re sampled it down to 20 get rounder lines .
    a race track probably doesn't need 4000+ points ,but hav alot of curbs want the cars to avoid.
    vid : Ferrari F333sp ,40 cars on track ,mixed class ,lap1 new cameras ,lap2 old cameras , lap 3 on board

    updated all the road shader's to look less pattern-y , have reduce the glare off the road . we dont get that much around here unless it rains
    new detail nm as well as detail maps for the them off a utuber who made a vid showing how to do it.
    other than this , nothing else
    R.T.B has **** itself and wont let me do anything else with the track.
    all this waz dun with ksEditor
    vid : Porsche 962c (mod not the ks version)

    0.35 .have got the pit-lane speed working as well as other surfaces up the back of the circuit working as grass so it kicks up dust etc wen u run off track ,thanks to Stephen Armstrong for pointing out the surfaces ini , a big help , re modelled the pit-lane ,had a lot of trouble with R.T.B ,getting a object reference error,ended up redoing the pit-lane 5x from scratch , and finally figured out it waz the pit fences,which i make combining 2 objects.and have them crossing or touching ,which R.T.B doesn't like .
    Have adjusted the fast lane AI so they don't plow into the wall at the beginning of the pit-lane
    I use a modded version of ksEditor (
    vr6)that floating around the web,
    alot less glitchy than the one that comes with the game
    vid is of the newly update Audi S4 competition rc mod
    another small...ish.. update..
    now 40 cars on track
    moved the pit-lane from the left to right hand side of the the real world there is actually enough room for a pit-lane this size and it has a better flow in and out of the pits.
    Pit-lane AI now.
    please note.cant seem to find the pit-lane limit setting..anywhere in k.s editor or R.T.B , could be in a ini ,but cant unlock them yet
    without a limit they go full speed down the pit-lane ,watch ur mirrors;)
    can now do a full weekend practice ,qualifying and race .Finding tha 40 cars is far to many for this track,can take a while to get through turn one if u start at the back,guess that's wa qualifying is for
    and the AI can still be car dependent,watch out for crash-king-harrys
    vid is from qualifying ,sound of the ferrari cuts out cos i uped the rev limt, dosen't cutout inside the car,Fonsecker Sound mod,with a private car KSmod (more power,light weight)
    (just noticed in the video ,in the reflection theres no car ,just its shadow)..weird

    0.2 version(still learning this whole upload world :) )
    Added a race pit lane for 30 cars. still no pit-lane AI ,cos u have to redo both fast lane and pit-lane ,and they seem very slow out of the pits,need more testing on that.
    tidy up a few floating houses ,added sum new ones.a few new power poles(still not happy with them),smoothed the bumps coming into the town section
    [new video] one on board lap , one camera lap and one looking rearward on board,Formula Renault 3.5(orsum mod) with 30 cars on track. AI at 97% ,100% damage
    waz getting slowing frame rates wen other cars crashing around the circuit,change frame latency to 1 , a lot smoother ,and no more lag

    just a tidy up

    0.1 version
    use RTB to make a track from my home town New Plymouth, Beta version,no custom or original xpack items , just all the free stuff i could download.
    still lacks alot of details ,
    AI works , up to 19 cars on track, no pit lane AI
    one set of cameras
    enough there to race on. happy with a three week effort over the holidays.
    drove round and measured road width's and where the white lines are etc to make it reasonably acurate
    Basically just abandoning it to the world , will move onto some thing else
    i love 3D grass :)

Recent Reviews

  1. vasilich619
    Version: 0.38
    Thank you
  2. Bobby Pennington
    Bobby Pennington
    Version: 0.38
    Thank you for the track and staying after it.
  3. drmaboul02
    Version: 0.37
    Promising this track, well played !!
  4. Oli24
    Version: 0.37
    Really fun track, thanks!
    The poor Cameraguy on that turn didn't make it tho, RIP.
    1. Neil Shaw
      Author's Response
      :) they get paid well...
  5. Flipdo3
    Version: 0.35
    very good job! great for an RTB track :D one thing i dont like however, is far landscape. perhaps put some trees on the biggest hills in the distance so they dont stick out as much :D
  6. ClevyTR6
    Version: 0.35
    I'm having a blast with it. Keep up the good work.
    1. Neil Shaw
      Author's Response
      orsum , fave car on track?...
  7. gergerger
    Version: 0.3
    I really like this, when people create something different. This one in particular will quickly become a highest quality track, no doubt.
    1. Neil Shaw
      Author's Response
      cool.. glad people like it.. will try to improve it
  8. Franco2202
    Version: 17/01/2017
    Thanks for share, I like it very much.
    4 star cause only 19 pits.
    more pits more stars :)
  9. WilliamTRiker
    Version: 2017-01-13
    Beta still. Not nearly decent to race on. There is no pitlane, landscape needs a LOT of work
  10. Dataman
    Version: 2017-01-13
    There is still a lot of work to be done.
  11. Manfredk2
    Version: 2017-01-13
    Great - thank you for your excellent work
    1. Neil Shaw
      Author's Response
      no worries :)
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