New performance. Very challenging 2017-01-21


  1. maxgrc2
    Modified motorcycle performance. Edited aggression pilots. Close the lap times. In modalitò PRO very difficult to win the race. it is a very challenging datamix in the guide to win the race. Fun in standard mode and realistic AI. I did two datamix 1 for game with mod BIKER7202 update drivers in 2017 and one for the standard game. Please make suggestions for improvement. Sorry for my English not very fair
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Recent Reviews

  1. juetat2
    Version: 2017-01-21
    For my riding skill in VR46 this mod is brilliant. The bike seems to feel the same as the original, yet the competition is more challenging. Finally i get to ride with othe bikes throughout the whole race.. its great finishing second or third for a change.. I love it.. thank you!
    1. maxgrc2
      Author's Response
      Hello . Thank you . I will see in the future to improve. if you want I can slightly decrease TO PERFORMANCE
  2. ryandxter
    Version: 2017-01-21
    can you give modified file list? I want to use alongside other mod, thanks!
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