*NEW* Nissan S15 Hatsune Miku 2 Itashas 2.0

Personal Skin for Drift Workshop Mod

  1. TheSosunser
    Hi everyone!

    I've decided to share with all of you this skin I made.


    The car is inspired by the japanese Street Legal cars and street teams.


    There's not a lot of drift related stuff on RD but i'm sure that some of you you will appreciate the countless hours of effort I've put into this. Some things like the windows were particulary hard as I had no template and I had to figure out the position of every window on an empty canvas, it took me a day to create a "map" for the windows. The headlights brows were also quite hard.



    I've also created a helmet.


    Some of the interior is been also modified.


    Unfortunately I have no interior glass texture so the stickers on the windows can only be seen from the outside, I don't know how to fix it right now but if someone can help me would be awesome.

    If someone can help me to make a proper kunos-like preview picture for the menu it would be appreciated. (no longer needed) Provided by Leonardo RatafiĆ”

    I will probably update it but for now I just want to drive it so don't expect any update soon.

    Please respect my effort and don't modify/edit this work, if you want to share in other pages link it to this page.

    Have fun and happy driving!

    - 2.0 Update release-

    NEW Senbonzakura skin available

    I've created this beauty



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Recent Reviews

  1. MinDer_K.
    Version: 1.0
    As a big fan of Miku and Vocaloids, thank you for this awesome skin!
    I was a bit scared by the among of glass stickers, but it's only visible from outside, no worry while driving (drifting!); good choice!
    1. TheSosunser
      Author's Response
      Thank you! I'm glad you liked :D
  2. JoseL231
    Version: 1.0
    This is awesome!! I love those stickers :D
    1. TheSosunser
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much!! :D
  3. protonv5
    Version: 1.0
    Great job and a huge effort. Thanks. One thing though... Almost every time I find a cool skin for a modded car the skinner never tells you where to get the car. I would have no idea where to find this car. Where can I get it at? Thanks much
    1. TheSosunser
      Author's Response
      Hi, thank you for your comment. The car is from the Drift Workshop Project and it can be downloaded from their website assettocorsa.club/drift-workshop-project.html
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