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Hello guys,

This is the New Horizon Shades. In this new MOD no more Reshade is used because I managed only with the game files to have the expected result.
It will start from version 1.0, because it works in a totally different configuration from the previous ones and optimized to get more Frames and still deliver a beautiful and immersive image for photos and replays.
Follow the instructions to get the right result. As Reshade is no longer used, you should uninstall any version of Reshade if you have one.

FIX Update 1 (20/05/20): Brightness (Replace the PPFilter Horizon Shades file).
FIX Update 2 (22/05/20): Brightness Exposure All Tracks Solved (Replace the PPFilter Horizon Shades file).

Compatible with VR and Triple Screens and MORE FPS 20+

I will be launching more PPfilters for this MOD, however they will not be filters to replace the one in this version, they will be new Filters, but this one is the best so far.

I ask for donations on PayPal because I'm currently out of Work due to the Pandemic :unsure: , so I'm dedicating my time to this MOD.

Thanks in advance for any donation:thumbsup:!
I appreciate any donation:) so that I can provide more of my time to continue contributing to the MOD!

USD - U$$

EUR - €

BRL - R$

Videos I made for demonstration, subscribe to my channel!
New Horizon Shades Preview - Lexus Rcf Gt3 in Suzuka
New Horizon Shades Preview - Lexus Rcf Gt3 in Suzuka
New Horizon Shades Preview - Ferrari Fxx k Evo in Monza
New Horizon Shades Preview Onboard - Ferrari Fxx k Evo in Monza
New Horizon Shades Preview - Toyota Supra TRD 700bhp in Highlands Drift











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  1. New Horizon Shades

    Hello guys, This is the New Horizon Shades. In this new MOD no more Reshade is used because I...

Latest reviews

The best PP filter. Natural, not over saturated colors, just amazing!!. I didnt like the game graphics settings, use the filter without it, and use your own custom settings.
benchmark is bright
I run the game program myself but the sky is black
I reinstalled CSP and SOL but the same situation
It was successful at first but after a few days the sky became dark
I thought my ac already looked good but this is next level! Thank you for this however, could you tell me why on some cars the tyres/wheels have a strange glitch happening? (its hard to explain you may know what I mean)
Sadly my pc cant run this mod, but now i unistall everything, step by step, but i cant get rid of the blur that comes with the presets, even if a choose one of my presets
mcracington I think you are right, I have also reduced motion blur a lot, it is much more defined and elegant. Motion blur in 40-50 is sufficient and the quality can be changed to simple (recommended) instead of advanced. A greeting!
very nice lighting! i just left the rating to tell those who like me don't like it to be that blurry: you can turn off the temporal aa and the motion blur in the cm under stettings->csp->extra fx. i also would disable fxaa under settings->ac->video as fxaa also blurs a lot.use msaa instead.
Very nice mod!; Thank you!;
One question; in VR I have many glittering (of glass/shiny materials); is there a way to make this look more realistic?.
Brilliant mod, makes the game feel so much more real, Brightness could be turned down a bit and so could the motion blur, but aside from that this mod is amazing!
Best PPfliter have I seen. I never encounter the black skybox issue. Clean install CSP and SOL maybe help.
Impossible d'atteindre le niveau annoncé sur les vidéos de demo. Le jeu tourne mal, 30fps maxi (1080ti). Injouable pour moi...m'a fait réinstaller 300gb assetto en une nuit pour retour à la configuration antérieure...avec beaucoup de difficultés car content manager garde des traces du passage sur ce mod. A installer en toute connaissance de cause. Merci quand même pour le partage !
I have triple monitors on a high end gaming pc and have always had issues with this mod, even from the early releases. Mainly the "black sky" effect. After DL this version I found out, it's the PP filters which make black sky's on most but not all tracks. :(
I delete the PP filters in the cfg folders and it' back to normal.
Never had anything close to the videos that show this MODs results.
amazing mod easy to install just make sure you fallow all steps and you'll get a fresh new looking AC
Latest version . No sky! (black)
Hello, try uninstalling everything, including Assetto Corsa! There must be something wrong, it just happened to you, update the SOL or CSP and check if you did all the processes correctly!
Damn even greater graphics with less performance hit.
If the sun blinds you every time you race, I have a fix! Hope it works for you.
Just go in game and pull out the sol config menu
Then go to pg 7 and change sun sky bloom to 15%
sun dazzle mix to 50%
sun dazzle strength 15%
Then pg 13 change light source Is level 70 % (sun part)
Hope it works for you
How do you lower brightness? sometimes it seems theres too much light?

# Spectacular #
I may know which version of the CSP (shaders) it is compatible with.
I use the latest v0.1.59
Sieht eigentlich sehr gut aus, vielen Dank. Habe aber auch das Problem, dass beim Fahren fast alles verschwommen aussieht.
Gibt es da eine Lösung, wie man das ändern kann? Hab alles so eingestellt, wie in der ausführlichen Anleitung beschrieben.
Sieht toll aus.
Das Motion Blur deaktiviere ich allerdings im Content Manager Settings -> CSP -> Extra FX
Hallo. Fantastisches Bild. Danke ...

Mein Problem. Wenn ich fahre, ist alles verschwommen. Bewegungsunschärfe ist wie in der Beschreibung deaktiviert.

Kann jemand helfen?

Was ist los Mann? Danke für die tolle Bewertung. Veröffentlichen Sie hier in MOD ein Bild davon, was im Feld Diskussion passiert, und wir werden Ihnen helfen
Now the performance is much better without tweaking, and the filter looks great at high resolutions
It's pure black magic.
I had to do some adjustments as my gpu is not that strong, fixed at 30fps for ex. But it's excellent! Thanks!
Did'nt like previous versions much but this one is very good!.... how do i get a little less bloom though?
Huge imrprovements visually and in performance mate! Trully wonderful.
I had mine looking pretty much like this already with various tweeks. Will try this one as i have been following it and 5 stars because who would of thought in 2020 AC would be the best looking sim out there.....?
New 1.0 is PERFECT improve the graphics and more 25fps out of the box! Great job!
outstanding good job!
looks nice but how make screenshots with that effects
It looks nice on all the screenshots you put out and the video, but i couldnt recreate the same results, the night time looks off, its like the dark isnt uniform, daytime is nice, but the interior is too dim, and i noticed that the lighting varies, it keeps changing, and sometimes theres this flash like the whole image changes color. The motion is too much for me, it messes up the replays.
5.0 fixed a lot of performance issues and I get 80 to 100fps on a RTX 2060 and reshade settings are set up perfectly from the start too!
Here's a vid of it
by far the best mod i have ever seen. this is almost like ACC now. i donated and looking forward for more updates. for some reason the reshade wasn't working properly i had to re enter the textures and effects in the settings to its correct directory. id love it if you could provide more reshade filters or options
Ive tried a few different ppf- re shaders. And im finding this one to be the BEST for realistic light, thanks god we have bright sunlight again.. i can see the marks on my windshield again, rays of sun shine... thanks so much
G......s =)
pretty good
Anything working fine with Window 7 version (I'm use Window 10) I looking for Preset come with 4.2
=) Gracias ;)