New F1 2020 Intro with F1 05 Soundtrack (My Edit)

New F1 2020 Intro with F1 05 Soundtrack (My Edit) 1.00

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I have made a custom intro for F1 2020 using my own recordings and a mix-match of footage from the teaser, trailer, and My Team Trailer.

The track that plays is "Butterflies and Hurricanes" by Muse. This plays in F1 05 intro.

PREVIEW: My Custom Intro

Inspiration from F1 05

F1 05 was the all-time greatest racing game I have ever played as a child! The car in the garage scene at the beginning of the intro inspired me to record the dark "car reveal" scene from the newest game before the song kicks off truly.

Note: Unfortunately, the volume level of the intro in-game is slightly on the down side even after amplifying the audio manually and importing it. :( I will look into it further.

Simple copy and paste installation. Extract and drag 'F1 2020' folder into 'common' folder of your Steam library. If done correctly, you will be prompted to replace a file with the same name, confirm this. If you have trouble, please go to the discussions tab to ask for help. Please do not give a review based on your installation issue without asking for help first!
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