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NEW CHEAT for Kubix Christmas mod 2.0

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IMPORTANT: This is a new cheat that does not change the original mod in any way, but rather exploits it as it is. This is here because the previous cheat, which modified the code, got some people a little bit unhappy.

Yes, in the zip archive is a batch file. It is supposed to be like that. You can check its code by right clicking and selecting "edit" just to prove that it isn't a virus.

Kubix made a mod called "Christmas Mod" which adds a Christmas tree and an extra gift.
Unfortunately, it only works on December 24.

With this cheat, it will work everyday (or even make it not work if you want).

Here is how it works:
[at]echo off
[makes it only show output]

color 0a
[makes font green just cause]

echo: (info)
[displays some information]

[waits for user to push a button to continue]

date 12/24/2018
time 00:00:00
[changes date and time]

start steam://rungameid/516750
[starts game]

set /p input=(info)
[let's user input what they want]

w32tm /resync
[resets date and time]
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Latest updates

  1. More Features

    This update allows you to choose if the Christmas Tree spawns with a yes/no variable.

Latest reviews

Because not manual to how install.
Does what it says on the tin, it works and saves you the bother of doing it manually.

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