NeffO´s F1 2014 Season 2016 Europa, Mexico, Texas trackupd 1.0 1.1 Rev 4

Baku as Singapore day, Mexico as Korea, Bonus Texas

  1. NeffO76

    Now korea is in this update. Why? I put for the next update of the 4 trackpack the new version of shanghai in the trackpack. This is coming and next.

    I´m now done with the first Baku\Singapore day, for a next version I will look that I change something more. It is very difficult to create a real day version out of a nighttrack, but it looks very good when you drive. I put a lot of effects in the light, but no lasershow or firework.

    Do you see a firework on day? I´m not.

    Korea is now fully updated and a really nice track you will like it I´m sure.

    IGearzone 16
    Climax F1
    Theo Berrekeman

    and all the other sof this nice racing community that gaves me positive ratings and comments to push me to new level of creativity

    What is new:
    - reworked day version of Krsskos Singapore Baku
    - new lighting
    - reworked specularmaps
    - most textures reworked because of windowlighting
    - new treecolours
    - new postprocessing
    - lot of reflections on track to give the track more special flair
    - new billboards
    - new pitlane overpass well done baku led billboard
    - new tarmac
    - new realistic watertexture

    - reworked tarmac
    - reworked trees and colours
    - reworked grass
    - reworked pitlane buildings grandstans and objects
    - immersive drawing distance and trees in highes lod
    - new skytexture
    - lighting changes
    - new postprocessing

    Korea is not so saturated how it looks on screenshots. It looks very natural

    Install Instructions:

    Unzip the 7Zip archive and make a backup of your original files. Copy all out of the F1 2014 folder from the unpacked archive in your main game directory

    Have fun with the track updates
    Comment and rate my mod ;):D:O_o:

    Some Screenshots:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Recent Reviews

  1. adipratama555
    Version: 1.1 Rev 4
    awesome.. thanks mate for your great mod
    1. NeffO76
      Author's Response
      Thgank you the singapore day will be more overhauled in near future but korea is looking fine.
  2. ClimaxF1
    Version: 1.1 Rev 4
    I've always said you are the track master. Superb. thank you
    1. NeffO76
      Author's Response
      Thank you and I´m looking foward for your masterpieices
  3. Gaming_Racer_25
    Version: 1.1 Rev 4
    Ok,when you out of the hospital are is that very nice, the brake smoke are grey but when i too hart brake can youa dd fire and smoke that was really NNIIICCCCEEE!!!
    1. NeffO76
      Author's Response
      Thank you. When it is in the engine I can do that. I think breaksmoke is in the engine but fire for breaks I don´t know.
  4. Klodian Stafa
    Klodian Stafa
    Version: 1.1 Rev 4
    1. NeffO76
      Author's Response
      Thank you. Singapore is not perfect, but better as nothing
  5. antirussia81
    Version: 1.0 Rev 4
    You've improved Korea a lot. Now it's finally the true NeffO's quality :)
    1. NeffO76
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the nice review. Yes I must improve singapore day on the same level. I an hour it comes the new 4 trackupdate with shanghai, sepang, suzuka and catalunya. 3 tracks are now a lot improved.
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