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Natural Mod Filter 7.0

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Fixed SweetFX (hopefully...)
No visual changes
Fixed SweetFX (hopefully...)
No visual changes
Restored heavy and light for to basically default settings, not much room to tweak here without breaking fog blend
Updated to reshade 1.1, maybe will help those who have conflict issues with sweetfx and other overlay software
Changes to colourcurves for light, mid and heavy clouds - noticed some issues with tree illumination, should be good now at all times of day - not sure how good they will look in oculus though with fixed exposure
Screenshots not updated yet..
Tweaked heavy clouds ambient for morning/evening
Added ppfilter for Oculus Rift (Activate Natural Rift JSGME Addon, or just overwrite system/cfg/ppfilters/default.ini if you want to do it manually) See OP description for more details and additional sweetfx settings

Thanks to davegreengo at AC forum for his contribution to this

Bought heavy fog ambient to similar level as light fog (was too dark before)
Increased minimum exposure slightly, the only reason for having it down was for mod tracks with crap shader settings (e.g. longford), so if you use those tracks maybe you want to revert it (previously was 0.95). should give better exposure expereince for all other tracks (only subtle difference though)
Increased contrast to 0.99 and tweaked exposure in photomode filter
Tweaked heavy clouds fog as it looked crap on Barcelona
Small tweak to mid clear and clear with low sun1
See update instructions in description if you use the SweetFX addon
Force headlights in all bad weather conditions
Rebased all filters on the new default.ini (end result should look the same though)
Maybe some other small stuff
Small tweaks to SweetFX Settings - definitely an improvement (mainly related to the reds), screenshots not updated yet
Updated to stable version of ReShade - IMPORTANT

With Assetto Corsa closed:
Open JSGME, disable the previous versions of Natural Weather/Natural SweetFX Addon, then right click and delete them.
Unzip the new version of the mod to the root of your AC install folder
Download ReShade Framework from: http://reshade.me/
Unzip it to a temporary folder, open the ReShade subfolder, Cut and Paste the SweetFX folder into the assettocorsa\MODS\Natural SweetFX Addon\ReShade folder
Run JSGME and activate Enable Natural Weather and Natural SweetFX Addon

Unfortunately reshade devs dont want people redistributing the shaders so this is the easiest way I could think of. Once you have done it once though, future updates shouldnt require this procedure and you can just overwrite the SweetFX.cfg instead
A couple of small tweaks to filter
Redid light clouds from scratch, was too similar to mid clear before
Revised fog in clear, mid clear
Probably small tweaks to other weather
Added instructions to OP on what to do if you preferred the warm filter
Overall should be something a bit more in between 2.2.1 and 2.1.2

Autoexposure adjusted (trees after eau rouge causing unpleasant transition should be better)
reduce saturation by 0.03
increase godray length by 1

Will update screenshots at some point
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decided they were too dark still
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PPFilter contrast/gamma/sat tweaked, should be a bit richer
Tweaked all weather, some clouds
Edited SweetFX preset: re-enabled SMAA + LumaSharpen. Previously didnt have time to check the benefits so just left them off
Update to current version of ReShade
Reduced fog distance in "mid clear" closer to default distance. Extended distance remains in "clear" for tracks like Lake Louise.

See main page for updated screenshots/update instructions
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Reduced darkness of clouds in "heavy clouds"
Edited SweetFX preset - trying new effect - subtle but I think it makes cars (particularly red) look less cartoonish compared with the track. Also disabled SMAA as I didnt even notice it was on and think it should be up to end user to decide their AA sharpening settings
Reverted a setting for clouds in "mid clear" so it looks normal at morning/evening
Update to newer version of ReShade
Added back Photomode filter and updated to ac 1.1 standards as its what the master @larcin uses
Removed Natural Int and Ext Warm filters, figured they werent used by many people, also removed "night" weather as it was only for 1 track and i doubt anyone uses it, there are also some cool "moonlight" effect weathers floating around which are probably more worth having
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Tweak fog in clear/mid clear conditions, particularly noticeable on Lake Louise
Small tweaks to other weather files
Update to latest version of ReShade (might help people who were having crashes with the SweetFX addon?)
Updated the backup of default weather to 1.1.5
Updated to latest version of SweetFX (unfortunately doesnt fix the issues some are experiencing as far as i know)
Minor tweaks to other weather sets taking the changes to the default ones made in AC 1.1.4 into consideration
Updated the Default Weather backup to include the latest files from 1.1.4
Added modified light clouds weather
lcloud onboard.jpg

Update instructions:
Disable the Natural Weather and SweetFX Mods in JSGME, then delete them, unzip Natural.zip to the root of your ac folder, re-enable the Mods

Apparently the latest version of SweetFX isnt working for some people, but the previously included one still does, if so just grab the SweetFX addon from v2.0.1 and use that instead.
No visual changes at all, so no need to install if you have 2.0.1

To try and fix the issues a few users have had with the sweetfx addon:
Renamed d3d11.dll to dxgi.dll (the older verison of the ReShade setup tool created d3d11.dll but the new one creates dxgi.dll instead, maybe this fixes compatibility issues?) also i had included my d3d11.log file in the addon by accident, so removed that

if you were to update, you should disable the old sweetfx addon with jsgme, delete it, confirm d3d11.dll is deleted, then unzip and enable the new one
Sorry for updated so soon after releasing, fairly small changes though so don't feel obliged to update

Toned down godrays in Int filter
Minor tweak to the SweetFX addon
Updated to SweetFX 2.0 (Preview 7)
Added a tweaked version of the light fog weather (better blend, whiter colour)
Added Natural Int warm as requested

To update: deactive the current mods in JSGME, delete them, unzip Natural.zip to the root of your AC folder, apply mods with JSGME, enjoy

Thanks for the overwhelming positive response!
Deactivate and remove and pre v1.1 mods/PP filters you have in JSGME, remove any other Natural.ini files in your documents/assetto corsa/cfg/filters folder
Unzip to the root of your AC install folder. Run JSGME and activate Natural Weather and optionally Natural SweetFX Addon, then select the Natural Int PP filter in game, set saturation to 100% in graphics options.

A long time in the making, but the accidently uploaded beta v1.1 was useful in getting started early

Rebased filter and weather on AC 1.1 files
Renamed Natural.ini to Natural Int.ini (cockpit view) and Natural - Photomode.ini to Natural Ext.ini so its clear what each is intended for
Minor tweaks to contrast etc.
Added a Night weather preset for use with TTM's Yas Marina Night circuit
Optional sweetFX configured to improve whites in sunny weather and increase vibrance of greens. This was done because AC cars seem oversaturated compared to the grass on tracks, so lowering overall saturation and increasing vibrance of greens helps balance this, particularly important for the GREEN hell

Natural Int:
Autoexposure enabled, this is essential for the best Nordschleife experience
Natural Ext:
Now using the same DOF setting as Int so no performance hit, the previous setting had some advantages but also made some unpleasant edges
Wider autoexposure range to cover white cars in bright sun to dark cars in low sun


mid clear.jpg


Bored waiting for AC 1.1 to stop clowns joining mid race so back to tweaking gfx...
Tweaks to sunny colorcurves
Tweaks to and glare to get a more dazzling low sun, subtle in Natural.ini:

More pronounced in Photomode.ini for screenshots:

Glare settings more balanced now so white cars don't get details blown out


Headlight effect still decent
Previous changes to glare affected god rays so had compensate for that