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Natural Mod Filter 7.0

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Sol users:
  • Improvements to dusk/dawn vibrance and shadows
  • Sun rays restored to previous levels
  • Improve appearance in overcast and bad weather
  • Rebalance sun, ambient, gamma, brightness (no longer tampering with ambient level - shadows should look better)
  • Add note in readme for displays with poor black level
Updated screenshots on OP
Sol users:
Sol minimum version: 2.1 alpha 12 (tested with alpha 18) (from https://discord.gg/KeHxbSX)

  • Night brightness level tweaked - user can now fine tune through sol config app
  • Ambient light colour temp adjusted
  • Sun intensity reduced (less blown out at high sun)
  • Added a variable "day_contrast" at the top of the .lua. the top 3 lines of the .lua are those that you might like to tweak based on your display
  • Reminder: recommend to manually delete Natural_Mod_Rift from old versions
EDIT: slight improvement to dusk/dawn, change line 18 of the .lua to:
SOL__set_config("nerd__sun_adjust", "ls_Level", 1 - (0.25 * sun_compensate(0)), true)


  • Minor tweak to gamma/exposure

Removed separate Natural_Mod_Rift filter, please remove that and use Natural_Mod from now on.

Sol users:
Sol minimum version: 2.1 alpha 12
(from https://discord.gg/KeHxbSX)
  • Filmic contrast enabled, configured to get a bit closer to ACC tone
  • Exposure and gamma are now static (no need to boost at sunrise/set in new versions of Sol)
  • Night tweaks
  • Adjust smog level

Non-Sol users (may as well ignore this update):
  • Removed weather/cloud files
  • Removed separate JSGME/CM Mod "Natural Oculus Rift Filter"
  • Sol users (Sol 2.0.1 Recommended):
    • Edited .lua format to allow easy user adjustment of day/duskdawn/night exposure and gamma
    • Added sky level boost at dusk/dawn
    • Fixed typo in adjustment of sun level (helps white cars)
    • Switched to use Sol godrays logic. (Note still recommended to keep them disabled in AC gfx settings for VR)
  • Added new filter: Natural_Mod_Base for users of default WeatherFX implementation (less resource intensive than Sol). Tuned for daytime driving, night time is a bit brighter than I would like, but I don't think filter .lua is possible with default WeatherFX implementation to work around this. Reason for adding: my natural_mod and natural_mod_rift filters use contrast lower than 1, which was fine until night time was added to AC. When using Sol I adjust contrast dynamically by time of day, but this is not possible with the default WeatherFX implementation to my knowledge, so this filter comes with contrast set to 1, and other tweaks to get what looks right to me with
  • Photomode filter: widened exposure range

Tested with Sol 2.0.1. Older versions will work may require you to set sky blue preset in Sol Config App. Works with the current Sol 2.1 alphas but will require me to upload a new version once Sol 2.1 final is released
Changes only applicable for Sol users

  • Completely reworked .lua, much simpler, end result is similar but boosting gamma instead of ambient which had some drawbacks
  • Slightly brighter day time
  • Removed stuff for Sol versions lower than 2.0
  • Fine tuned night time
  • VR: night contrast value corrected to prevent artifacts on glare
  • Some of the values are hardcoded in the .lua, I can make them such that you can modify them through Sol config app, let me know if you care
  • It may be worth resetting Sol config if you have ever modified settings in there. The only setting I change in there is setting clouds render method (2d/3d)
  • If you've been using Sol 2.0 beta with previous versions of this filter, 2.0RC4 reversed ambient__AO_visibility, such that some versions of this filter got broken (shading screwed up), that will be fixed by this update
Intended for Sol2.0RC4 or higher but works fine on 1.5.1, 1.6.2

Sorry for update spam... Accidentally deleted my ambient adjustment before upload.
Also replaced colour temp adjustment with adjustment to "ambient__sun_color_balance"

The filter is tuned to get a dazzling effect when the sun is high in summer, but on some mod tracks with different shader values, this might end up looking way too bright. Assuming you use Sol, use the ta_exp_fix adjustment in the Sol Config app to easily fix these tracks, without compromising others.


  • Screenshot_ks_maserati_alfieri_ks_red_bull_ring_12-11-120-13-36-26.jpg
    1.3 MB · Views: 622
  • Screenshot_ks_mclaren_p1_ks_brands_hatch_12-11-120-13-34-29.jpg
    1.3 MB · Views: 612
Sorry for update spam, last one for a while hopefully...
Reworked day to night transition again, stole some of Peter's lua for setting exposure & gamma, adjusted contrast transition. Should result in:
  • Better glare (e.g. brake lights) and lights at night. If you feel headlights are too dark you should adjust the CSP lights multi)
  • More accurate ambient level at dusk/dawn
Fixed a copy paste error in 4.1.3 that messed with ambient/sky/clouds adjustment (mainly dusk/dawn transition)
  • Tweaks to glare for brake light improvement and to account for recent CSP change
  • With Sol Weather:
    • Minor tweaks to sun saturation and evening ambient look
    • Tweaked night lighting, particularly for the VR filter (actually gets pitch black)
    • Much better transition from day to night
    • VR: Minor tweak to white level (fix clipping, at least on my Rift)



Cheers to Terry for checking the changes on Rift S
Sorry for the update spam...
  • In Sol 2.0 alpha 5 Peter added update_sol_custom_config__post() allowing me to boost ambient brightness without wrecking the clouds (something changed in Sol 2.0 meaning that my previous approach lead to blown out clouds at dusk/dawn).
  • Also new in Sol 2.0 alpha 5, ambient__AO_visibility modifier to boost ambient
  • In conjunction with it I've tweaked the cloud settings for better results at dusk/dawn, which will benefit users of this filter on some older versions of Sol too.
Previous changes:
  • Changed approach to night time lighting, should yeild better results on floodlilt tracks (particularly those with poor CSP configs).
  • Adjusted sky settings in preparation for sol 2.0, although I don't recommend using this version with the current Sol 2.0 alpha due to issues with clouds with my .lua, I will make a further update to make it work nicely
  • White balance/colour temp, unlikely to be a noticeable difference
  • Minor ambient bightness tweaks
  • Set godrays depending on sol weather "badness", avoids casting godrays in some bad weather scenarios
  • Reduced sun saturation so that things go less yellow when in direct sunlight

  • Morning/evening ambience:
    • With @Peter Boese 's help I've been able to boost the ambient light and sky brightness curve when using Sol, so that they dont drop off as fast with the sun angle, giving a feel much closer to what I see at say 6pm/8pm (before it looked like everything gets dark too early). I've omitted this from the photomode filter to ensure you can still get vivid high contrast photos
  • Night racing optimisation
    • Enabled Sol's ppfilter__modify_glare after checking how it works and that everything still looks OK. Brake lights should be more visible at night now.
    • Used .lua to boost exposure and contrast slightly at night. Better visibility with headlights and better black level
    • Tweak glare parameters
Update only really relevant if you use in conjunction with Sol, can probably be ignored otherwise.

Screenshots taken with Natural_Mod filter and Sol Clear weather

Evening comparison - 19.28 2020-04-25 Barcelona
The intention here is to have more ambient light to better reflect what you see at these times of day (assuming you aren't wearing sunglasses)...


You might think that the old one looks better in terms of contrast and colour, but that's why the photomode filter filter retains the default ambience:

Night comparison



Sorry for 3 "updates" in one day... simple things can be difficult sometimes... Thanks to @Andrew_WOT for prompting me to actually test the CM install process and discover that my .lua files weren't being installed due to how i packaged the files and wrote the instructions... The impact of this is mainly that if they werent being installed, the sky would be oversaturated and the white balance would be too warm.
Updated the instructions to reflect this... sorry again!
Tiny fix to prevent artefacts like this from occuring (relates to sunrays). No visual changes (Thanks Hornet for pointing it out).



Screenshots taken with Sol 1.5 weather
  • Fixed brake lights (they were pink/poor previously). AC engine requires high saturation % for them to work properly, I've adjusted contrast and gamma to compensate, the end result should look about the same.
  • Utilised some of Sol's neat .lua options.
  • Adjusted godrays parameters to not be excessive when glare is set to maximum in AC graphics settings. It's not possible to set values that work well on all setups, so if you have problems, disable them in graphics settings or tweak the filter to your liking.
  • Removed Natural_Mod_Sol, the same result (exposure boost) can be acheived through the sol_custom_configs .lua if needed.
  • Removed Natural_Photomode_HC.
  • Updated Natural_Photomode based on new base filter and some aspects of old Photomode_HC filter. Some filters were renamed, so you may need to manually delete old ones.

Screenshot taken with Sol weather
Basically none, ignore unless you haven't tried this filter with Sol before
  • Reorganise and update instructions for Content Manager/Shaders patch/Sol
  • Added Natural_Mod_Sol: exactly the same as Natural_Mod but with autoexposure disabled (find it annoying and doesn't seem necessary) and static exposure set for Sol
  • Minor tweaks to Natural Weather (for people not using Sol)

Reason for update:
I've been using the latest versions of Shaders Patch and Sol (both incredible, those guys are geniuses), as I just wanted to play and wrongly assumed I would need to keep tweaking my filter as CSP/Sol develop. After trying LA Canyons (also incredible) with Sol sunny weather with my filter in VR, the result felt more realistic/immersive, so I thought I'd make it easy for others to try this setup by reorganising the files and instructions.

With Assetto Corsa closed:
Open JSGME/Content Manager, disable the previous versions of Natural Weather/Natural Oculus Rift Filter etc., then right click and delete them.
Follow normal install instructions

If you dont use JSGME/Content Manager, you should be able to work out what to do

Quick shots with Natural_Mod_Sol at 12:00


Enabled Content Manager feature: Disable Shadows for Heavy Fog, Mid Clouds and Heavy Clouds

Light Clouds:
Number of Clouds increased, size, distance and speed adjusted
Ambient and sun brightness adjusted

Ambient increased at early/late hours

Mid Clear:
Ambient increased at early/late hours
Cloud distance increased

Cloud textures
Removed one of the textures which had a distinct pattern that was immersion breaking

Photomode filters:
DOF adjustment

Oculus Rift Filter
Slightly reduced saturation

Light Fog
Colder ambient in morning/evening
Rebalanced lighting (and therefore fog to compensate), more believable now

Light Clouds
Overhauled lighting, particularly morning/evening hours, looks more distinct from mid clear now

Clear/Mid Clear
Dialed back sun power a tiny amount

Mid Clouds
Reworked ambient+sky+clouds with respect to heavy clouds

Heavy Clouds
Reworked ambient with respect to mid clouds
Fog distance reduced

Light Fog


Light Clouds
lcloud 800.jpg

lcloud 1300.jpg

Mostly subtle tweaks to improve things that are maybe more noticeable in VR.
Also improved performance in cloudy weathers by reducing number of clouds (mid clouds had way more than it needed previously).

Tweaked saturation, brightness, contrast and gamma

Natural Oculus Rift Filter
Tweaked saturation and brightness, disabled autoexposure, adjusted glare. Overall is closer to the normal monitor filter. It's brighter than before but I think it looks more realistic.

Clear/Mid Clear
More ambient light in middle hours
Adjust ambient at early/late hours
Adjust fog
Adjust clouds distance

Light Clouds
Adjust ambient at early/late hours
Adjust size/number/distance of clouds (A bit of a different look but seems more believable in VR at least)
Adjust fog

Mid Clouds
Small tweak to fog
Reduced Number of clouds and adjusted cloud distance

Heavy Clouds
Reduced Number of clouds
Adjusted cloud distance
Slightly more ambient

Heavy/Light Fog
Reworked to try and recover from an issue introduced in AC 1.8/1.9

Updated default weather backup

Probably final version unless anyone has any feedback.
Clear/Mid Clear
  • Reworked sky and horizon in middle hours as they seem to have changed in AC 1.8. Looking really good in VR now
  • Sun power at highest angle reduced slightly to reduce washing out of grass etc (sun is set to be slightly stronger in clear than mid clear)
Light Clouds
  • Adjusted sky at early/late hours
  • Reduced number of clouds

Accidentally included both old and new cloud file names in 3.5.4, removed old ones now.