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Natural Mod Filter 8.0

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Driving focused filter, attempting to replicate what the eye sees (without sunglasses) rather than a camera. No chromatic aberration, lens flares or erratic autoexposure. Gains FPS vs the default filters. Pure version implements a concept to replicate eye behaviour unique to this filter which ensures you never see a blown out sky.

Be sure to follow the Sol/Pure install guides, as sometimes there are important CSP settings such as "Use seasonal adjustments" which drastically alter the look.

Natural Mod + Pure (Pure minimum version: 0.75):


Natural Mod + Sol (Sol minimum version: 2.1. Recommend 2.2)

Installation instructions are included in the readme file.

Latest updates

  1. New "eye simulation" for pure filter. Refined sun rays

    Despite a short change list, many hours went into this update, I hope you agree it paid off...
  2. CSP setting recommendations and reduce sunset/rise washed out look with pure filter

    Added note to readme on certain CSP settings that should be set to avoid washed out look With...
  3. Pure support, minor enhancement for Sol

    Pure support, quite a lot of time went into tuning the appearance throughout the day and night...

Latest reviews

Could you please post your Lighting FX settings for Pure 0.75? Crucial to for the setup please. Thank you!
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
all default. for reference, the next version will look a bit nicer, slightly less washed out, but need to wait for next pure release before uploading
John B. Ellis
Chris's Natural Mod Filter has been an essential part of my AC setup and the only PP filter I have ever used since its inception. Thanks for the continued updates.
Being using it since the beginning. For me, best PP-filter.
Good day
It seems to be a great shader patch but how can I install it? Should I copy the files?
I have never done it before but should I install a program on the pc? How can I active the new shaders?
Thanks a lot
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
loads of tutorials on youtube etc
As always, 5*
Looks amazing with pure. Best filter for driving hands down. Any chance you could share your video and csp settings?
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
thanks for the feedback! i'm not using any unusual settings, just what is appropriate for my gpu. csp settings pretty much all default, nothing changed graphics wise
Nice filter
Looks nice, but when i drive towards the sun everthing get bright as hell and i cant see anything.
Great! Looks way nicer then default!
Love it! Just a question as I don't know what I am doing, the brightness is definitely too much for me but I cam seem to adjust the ta exp fix like I could. Am I missing something? Thanks so much
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Hmm if it's too bright on all tracks then maybe it's not the filter for you. That setting is just useful for cases where one track is significantly brighter than others and has to be set per track. It should be towards the end of the sol config app
I like dazzling effect on a sunny day.
Best retina filter for driving, than you.
the best filter for AC in VR in my eyes, thank you!
0k =)
perfect update, good job, thanks.
One of the best filter for AC... must have!!!
brillant - my favourite in VR

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Chris Kennedy
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