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Natural Mod Filter 6.0

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Attempt to replicate what the eye sees rather than a camera, to get the best onboard view for driving rather than create photo-real external screenshots. No chromatic aberration, lens flares or erratic autoexposure. Post processing filter saves approximately 15fps over the default filters.

Minimum Sol version 2.1 alpha 12. Screenshots are with Sol weather.

Please read the included Readme file for information on:
  • Installation or Updating
  • Filter Descriptions
  • What to do if some tracks are too bright



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Natural Weather (for non sol/csp users):
Mid Clear


Chris Kennedy
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4.93 star(s) 244 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. A little closer to ACC

    Removed separate Natural_Mod_Rift filter, please remove that and use Natural_Mod from now on...
  2. Improvements for Sol users, new filter for default WeatherFX users

    Sol users (Sol 2.0.1 Recommended): Edited .lua format to allow easy user adjustment of...
  3. Overhaul and fixes for Sol 2.0 (ignore if not a Sol user) + hotfix

    Changes only applicable for Sol users Completely reworked .lua, much simpler, end result is...
  4. Rework day to night transition, fix mistake in 4.1.3

    Sorry for update spam, last one for a while hopefully... Reworked day to night transition again...
  5. Minor tweaks

    Tweaks to glare for brake light improvement and to account for recent CSP change With Sol...

Latest reviews

i like it and the game looks amazing but when i load into a race the sky is black. i'm using csp 1.68 and the sol2.0. how can i fix this? thanks
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
The latest version only works with sol 2.1. you can get previous versions from the version history if you want to keep your sol version
Great mod makes the game look more realistic
My favorite filter. Both its philosophy (capturing what the eyes really see is fantastic, and it's incredible how I fell cheered or bummed when it's a sunny or cloudy day, as if it's indeed real life), execution and performance. It's got it all
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Pleased to hear it!
An essential download for anyone using VR who wants a realistic immersive look.... Awesome!
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Thanks again! :)
Looks awsome and it runs with more fps than the sol filter.
Awesome mod.
Absolutly Stunning !
for me this is the go to filter if you want AC to have Fun while driving .. and not to take good looking Screens only !
in Short : Best Filter for Pure Driving
Can't thank you enough for all the hard work you have to bring us all this amazing feature!!!
Actually, I can ... Let me buy you a beer!
Thanks! The lack of brightness sucked until I used this.
Looking forward to using this, however i followed the install instructions and everything worked, but no filters show up in Video settings. Sol is in there, but no Natural_mod. Any ideas?
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Hi, assuming you are using sol, you only need the files from the "natural mod filters" folder.

## For filter INI files you want to place them under


## For the LUA files that may come with a filter package you want to place them in


If you are still stuck, there is a discussion thread where we can continue the conversation
nice job, the last version also gave me a huge fps boost
I'd give 6 stars if it was possible. I've never felt confortable with AC graphics even with high quality settings, SOL and many PP Filters I've tried.
With this Filter, SOL 2.0 beta and 67-75% saturation I feel the game now looks just right.
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Great! Fyi lowering saturation will mess up brake lights, otherwise I'd set it lower in the filter
0k Thank =)
Thank You
Awesome filter !
But where can I find the recommended settings ?
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
There are no recommended settings, other than the suggestion to follow the sol install instructions if you use sol
Thank You
still the best of best, thank u so much for your hard work!
Right , it's the best