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Natural Graphics Mod & Filter 4.1.2

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I have installed this followed the instructions, however when I get on track directly behind me is completely black? like half my view is completely black if I turn the car around towards the darkness everything goes completely black can't see textures or anything, I have tried all the other filters that come with SOL and its only this filter that is giving me the issue?

I didn't want to give a bad rating cause I know this is meant to be great, can anyone give me any tips?
Almost 6 years the best PP filter for VR.
Many thanks for the update!
0k G................................
Must have for VR
This is so good! I use it to increase FPS and also for taking screenshot. Surprisingly this looks almost as real as real life.
One of the best filter out there, and i love the long sunbeams.
I like the look of this filter is amazing but I have a problem in the cockpit cams... they all look very dark and the whole textures are darker for some reason. This is happening even with a fresh AC instalation! Other than that the game looks amazing in 3rd person view
Tried many mods, this is still the best looking!
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Appreciate the feedback!
Best pp filter. I do think with latest CSP 1.62 and SOL 1.5.5/1.6.2 messed up this pp filter. But not problem caused by this filter. Will stay on older CSP and SOL for now.
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Thanks for the feedback and info, I'll check.
Does this work with reshade? Also, could you care to share the settings you use?
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Yes it can be used with reshade. I don't really have any recommendation on settings, just use what your pc can handle
Best filter out there.
I really like how it looks on my monitor and on my oculus rift.
Been using the _rift filter in VR for about a month now, on my Odyssey+. After trying a few other filters, this is the best one!!! great work!!
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Brilliant! Yes I find most other filters too contrasty to feel realistic in vr
The quality of this filter is unrivalled. An absolute 10/10. And the best part? It works flawlessly in VR on my Valve Index, and even saves FPS performance to boot. Watch my VR onboard with this amazing filter and Sol 1.5.1. here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTaHcwIysEs
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Thanks for the feedback Leon! Nice to see it used in your video :)
Thanks, good mod :)
Great work. Due to its relative efficiency with FPS I've used this pack's Natural_Mod (plus a little motion blur with CSP's Extra FX) for the screen captures of onboards in vids like this one (seen after the cinematic intro) https://youtu.be/PCtHPyrvT2A
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Awesome, nice video!
I love this! THANK YOU!
As @andrewwot for VR best pp filter with sol and csp some pp filter kill fps and clarity headset.
may i ask who's peter and whats his recomendations?
Best PP filter for VR with CSP and SOL.
Look, clarity, and performance.
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Cheers for the review and continuous feedback! Small update to the .lua files soon to improve night racing on floodlit tracks (currently everything can get too bright with my settings