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National Stock Car Racing 1.2

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New Download V1.2 (get rid of old version.)

Change log:
Fixed cockpit.
Converted Orchards Lake From rF1 and will update.
-Roll Bar Ajusted-
All 34 teams with talent working online and off real rules +camber Oval Track and road Tuning avalible wirh visual changes to body and windows.
National Stock Car Racing. Includes Centennial, Edgar and Titan stock cars.
Part of ISI's rFactor stock car racing series.
Also JoseVille and Orchards Lake inc in download.

Original credits
John Bayley
Gjon Camaj
Joe Campana
Michael Juliano
Jeremy Miller
Dan Peal
Terence Groening
Michael Zielinski

Viktor Adorjan
Ian Bell
Gilles Benoit
Christophe Bertrand
Stuart Brown
Michael BordaDoug Arnao
Fred Anderson
Nicolas Andonov
Massimo Angiolucci
Art Axelrad
Joe Barlow Jr
Craig Budwitz
Marco Buttner
Justin Cady
Emily, Noah and Gjulia Camaj
Janet, Joey, and Nicholas Campana
Ewan Chalker
Gavin Chatt
Lucky Chopp
Slaven Corluka
Richard Davie
Philippe De Smet
Piet Debelder
Davy Decorps
Steve Dienes
Mike DiPonio
Mindy, Connor, Carol & Mark DiPonio
Darrell Eernisse
Jerry Eldred
Neil Faichney
Sven Finkemeyer
Juan Manuel Gallardo
Pierre-Henri Genty
Stuart Griffiths
Sascha Grindau
Carol & Jonas Groening
Tony Kelley
Alex Kerfoot
Pete Knepley
Jan Kohl
Evan KornFelix Heber
Paul Hoenecke
Ralph Hummerich
Borje Johansson
Chris Johnson
Thomas Leveille
John Lucas
Steven Karlsson
Steffen Kragelin
Wolfgang Kronthaler
Lou Magyar
Alex Martini
Steven Messinger
Abbie Miller
Bradley Mills
Tom Milner
Andreas Neidhardt
Jeff Philips
Jan Pies
Marcel Offermans
Tom Oliver
Michael Orth
Guy Piva
Tony Raharidzery
Brian Ring
Henrik Roos
Thorsten Rueter
Daniel Sandor
Matthew Scerri
Michael Schmidt
Daniel Senff
Omar Shaikly
Brad Shuber
Bob Simmerman
Chris Smith
Chris Squier
Kevin Stanley
Ken Street
Scott Stockton
Tim Strother
Achim Trensz
Julien Vidot
Paul Vincent
Brad Walton
Steven Whitty
Roberto Yermo
Adam Zerlin
Betsy and Jake Zielinski
Marco Bijl
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