Nardo Test Ring (Updated UI Information) v1.02

Nardo Test Ring by RTM Mods, updated for all you purists out there.

  1. Eagle Racer
    To start this off, I am not claiming ownership of the full mod, just the UI info. Full credit goes to RTM Mods for creating the track. Link to their website here:

    This mod is to solely correct all the missing information in the standard mod. The download is a zipped .json file (RaceDepartment wont let me upload the .json file by itself) so simply unzip it into the ui folder and that's it.


    After: nardo-updated-ui.PNG

    Both images taken in Content Manager.
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Recent Reviews

  1. M30B35Daily
    Version: v1.02
    Does what it says, and is what I was looking for. 5 star!
    1. Eagle Racer
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for the feedback.
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