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NA660SERIES SUZUKI ALTO HA23V 1.1 (2018.06.24)

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We made it little by little and confirmed most of stability, so we will distribute it here as well.

It is MOD equivalent to the tuning used in the race series NA 660 championship that is actually taking place in Japan.

It corresponds to aero part change by skin.
So, skin making is complicated a bit.

Made by myself
・K6A EngineSound data
・Partial skin
・Physical data

Fan made content
・Many skin!


AC NA660 mod skinpack.7 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cVydLHm3gzdjzAbw2jVWxM5GY1v_7BLU/view?usp=sharing

20171129030351_1.jpg 20171129030333_2.jpg Screenshot_660_series_ha23v_ce28_ks_highlands_4-12-117-3-17-45.jpg Screenshot_660_series_ha23v_rs5_suzuka_osrw_10-12-117-23-31-49.jpg Screenshot_660_series_ha23v_te37_ks_laguna_seca_12-1-118-3-22-59.jpg

Latest updates

  1. NA660 HA23V updata

    NA660 mod HA23V updata list ・Tire Physical updata(performance curve and more) ・light.ini Adjustment

Latest reviews

Graphically really nice! But audio is needs updating (sounds like an electric car:(
We've raced this car a bunch during Two Drink Tuesday and it's great. Best raced on small tracks. Or the Nordschleife if you're stark raving mad.
Really nice, would like to have some other engine options to choose like 100cv or something a little more thrilling
I like this little car and made a video with it.
pls excuse my driving
I freaking love this little monsters!! They are hilarious in little tracks like Ebisu, Tsukuba, and such lol
Great fun driving these cars
Nice mod. Fun to drive. I found the engine sound a bit too shrill though.
So much fun, especially when you drove the C1 before. Very nice to learn small technical tracks like Zolder. https://youtu.be/g-O7IpWsnMs
really great car! super nicely done and very detailed. Great job

If I was to change something, as much as cool it is to be able to swap body work, I do miss having a dirt / damage on it, so I would personally go with a version where bumpers are part of the car mesh/texture
Absolutely 5* review from me. Interior looks amazing in VR, I can see every detail of the bodyshell, the rollcage and the dash. It's uncanny! Driving them is hilarious... I race IRL and also own a Citroen C1 Cup car, also on 155 street tyres with only 60hp. This mod is *authentic* fun!
Excellent small car mod.
Great choice of car and really fun to race. Thanks!
What an amazing little car! so much fun to drive in small circuits like your Southern Circuit track. Beautifully crafted model inside and out, so may aero - wheels combos to choose from and the skins look great. Thanks for sharing this top class mod!
Really fun on small tracks! And props for pushing AC to its limits with the bodykits via skin.
Well worth 5 stars. Racing this little buggers is fun ! ;-)
amazing little car (or k-car how they call it) thanks for sharing here!
thx for the car and the beautiful pic ... really nice !!
glad this finally got completed and came to racedepartment

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