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Nürburgring Nordschleife Touristenfahrten AMS

Nürburgring Nordschleife Touristenfahrten AMS v1.3

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Hi Guys

If you ever want to do a texture update for a track there are two things that you should try to avoid, a track that has lots of trees and Nordschleife. :)

I was originally only going to upload a texture update for this track but since there are already several of the same uploaded here I decided to upload my texture update as a whole to create less confusion.

All credits to Com8 for the track and Patrick Giranthon for his conversion to Stock Car Extreme.

Update details v1.3:

- Few more textures for the pit area
- New wooden hut textures
- Optional no crowds folder

Please read the v1.3 update for more details:


***To be on the safe side and even if you have v1.1, 1.2 or v1.0 I recommend that you delete the track first before installing this one.***

Update details v1.2:

- Added several new textures to the pits
- White Bilstein banner and better Coca Cola can added
- Several other textures around the track have being reworked

Please read the v1.2 update for more details:


***To be on the safe side and even if you have v1.1 or v1.0 I recommend that you delete the track first before installing this one.***

Update details v1.1.1:

- Changed all file names so that there's no conflict with other Nordschleife versions available
- Added new tire walls and wood wall

Please read the v1.1.1 update for more details:


***If you have a previous version you must first delete my v1.0 (Touristenfahrten) before installing the new track.***


Update details v1.0:

Bare in mind that this track is oldish so one is very limited to what one can do with a texture update without rebuilding or replacing objects.

- AMS random clouds and atmosphere added
- New rgb/lighting & fog settings
- Reworked all trees
- Removed bad trees (textures) and replaced them with better one's
- Reworked all tree walls
- Reworked all bushes
- Replaced landscape scenery texture with a better upscaled one
- Reworked all grass textures
- Reworked background scenery and hills
- Made new textures for the ticket office
- New textures for the main grandstand (BMW)
- Adjusted rumble strips
- Changed some of the banners, the rest have being reworked or optimized
- Loading screen added
- Reworked several other textures here and there


Known issues:

- When hot lapping, if your car does not exit the pits just press the "I" on your keyboard and the AI will take over and then quickly press the same again to take over control and you good to go.

- Other than the track being a bit old I don't think one can really complain about anything.

- I've done my best to create some flow with all the grass and tree textures, also trying to remove that Rfactor look.

- Overall I'm happy and this is definitely a step up from the original.

- FPS is actually pretty good so I recommend that you use the full setting for the textures to get the best result.

- If anyone notices something that I did not pick up, please send a mail or use the support section for this.

Installation guide:

- Download and install the track into your AMS's location file
- The track runs on it's own and will not interfere with any other uploads available here on RD
- Track listed as Nürburgring Nordschleife
- Have fun :)

For more ClimaxF1 Liveries/Skins, Tracks, Steering wheels, Team Garages, Race Suits, Gloves & Fantasy Skins please browse my downloads section here:


Thanks for all the support guys and this great racing community! So many good people online!

Latest updates

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Latest reviews

It is really fun to drive this version of the Nordschleife... Good look and the layout is very close to laser scanned versions... You can feel the spirit of the Green Hell... Thank you ClimaxF1!!!
Just Brillant! thx for so excellent track!
Always happy to share and thanks for the review!
Great mod, thanks! I'm really having fun on it. The only "problem" is the one xjmachado said already, the lap times on Touristenfahrten count from "bridge to gantry", I don't even mind that we can lap again without entering the pit area, out of the track. It would just be nice to start and finish the lap times on the bridge and gantry parts, if possible.
So the track is super good, but for some reason it doesn't load anymore and says "Error loading mesh file SRPL_SKY3_DOME1.GMT to memory" Could you help? Thanks
Great job! I’ve been on the real track back in 2012, and comparing my onboard video with the Sim version, it’s quite good!

My only remark would be the fact that in real life, every time you finish one lap, they close the main straight with cones that guide you to exit the track and then get back to the gates to checkin with you card and pay for another lap.

You’re not allowed to keep putting lap after lap without exiting the track. So the lap time is measured in what they usually call - “bridge to gantry”.
The work is just amazing!
great conversion, good work!
nice track!
Finally a good Nordschleiffe for AMS.
This track is great! I can't comment on how accurate it is but does give the same "feel" as the excellent AC version.
awesome thank you very much climax f1
Amazing!Could you make Losaila, Moscow Raceway and termas de rio hondo
This is actually crazy good, I've spent more than a few hours messing around with it and I absolutely love it! Real improvement from the last, good work!
Amazing what a few new textures and lighting can do.

Here's add-on if you want, some people may miss it in the support section:


Thanks for the review!
Thank you,as always great Work on all
Mods you made.
We go back a long way and really appreciate the comments and reviews.
Always happy to share and thanks for the review!
As usual you do magic with textures and optimisation ! i like the trees, grass and allaround scenery, very weldone mate its so immersive now, thanks :)
Always a pleasure and thanks for the comments!
I play a race in this track, and i like it. Is fantastic. Thanks for shared.
Glad you like and thanks for the review!
Nice graphic improvement, thanks for the effort and time!
Only an asking: Could you add some advert-picture to the bridge at the end of sector 1 (on ams there is nothing on the bridge!!

# Server UP for test and hotlap: ONLY NORDSCHLEIFE .

Cheers and thanks again!
Have tried this already, problem is as with other textures too, the bridge here shares the same texture as the Bilstein bridge. So if I were to add the Yokohama logo this would then also appear on the sides of the Bilstein bridge.

With older tracks one is always limited in one way or another with texture updates.

Thanks for the review!
I actually get better FPS on this than the og mod :), but I gotta ask, where can I get my hands on that E46?
The car belongs to a mod that I converted, updated and tweaked.
I have tried to get hold of the author to get permission with no luck and have to respect his request for not to upload as stated in the mod.
Thanks for the review!
1 million nice trees :)
Thank You!
Just short of that :)

Thanks for the review!
File size
168.9 MB
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User rating
4.95 star(s) 22 ratings

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