Nürburgring & Istanbul Park 0.7

Adds Nürburgring & Istanbul Park to the game.

  1. Derpish
    Hello everyone ! Basically title ...

    So got around adding these 2 tracks to game , first mod ever made :p

    BIG THANKS to snthennumbers for improving the AI for both tracks and anyone using v1tek's 2013 season mod , you can now download True to Life AI (http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/true-to-life-ai.67176/ ) to get both tracks in 2013 mod and Nurburgring in career.

    Some notes tho :
    *As far as i know it does not corrupt your save games , still i suggest you backup your save files and database ( Better safe than sorry :p )
    *When going to track in P and Q don't use Flying Lap option since it spawns you right before finish line and when the you get the control you still have to do 1 lap before actual Flying lap ( Will try to fix it )
    *In Nurburgring Turn 3 AI might act weird
    *In Istanbul the replay camera sometimes shakes crazy
    *In TT Car ghosts if a valid time been set ( related to Flying lap bug )
    So yeah , still working on some other bugs but its playable .
    2013-07-11_00001.jpg 2013-07-11_00004.jpg 2013-07-11_00005.jpg 2013-07-11_00006.jpg
    Please post any bugs that you find that haven't been mentioned before :)

    Things added in Language file :
    *Added "lng_track_desc_istanbul" and "lng_track_desc_nurburgring" basically for the description when viewing track info so you can put whatever there or just copy desc from my file :p
    *Added "lng_country_abbreviation_istanbul" = TUR" and "lng_country_abbreviation_nurburgring" = DEU"
    *Added "lng_track_loading_country_caps_nurburgring" = GERMANY"
    *Added "lng_track_loading_country_nurburgring" = Germany"

    Things added/Imported in b_nonpersistent.pssg ( located in frontend folder )
    *Added ci_nurburgring
    *Imported ci_istanbul

    Things added/changed in database.bin :
    --- in track_difficulties ---
    *Added Track id 95 ( nurburgring ) and 90 ( istanbul )
    The difficulty values you can adjust how you like them.
    ---in track_model---
    Edited entire row for Istanbul and Nurburgring

    So if you're copying to your own database just compare those rows.

Recent Reviews

  1. Almir
    Version: 0.7
    Avesome work mate , works perfect for me !
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