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MyTeam Toyota Castrol - Power 1 (Ultimate-Pack)

MyTeam Toyota Castrol - Power 1 (Ultimate-Pack) 2.2

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Presentation mod.jpg

- IMPORTANT: Sorry guys, due to a lot of patches about codemasters. The updates of my mods will be fixed about January or February of 2021, sorry for this but I work a lot of in my real life is impossible to me. Some possibles bugs of my mods must be about lasts patches of codemasters. Take this in consideration before give a negative vote please.

"MyTeam Toyota Castrol Power 1 (VIP Package)"

- HISTORY: "This mod was born out of my passion for the world of rallying, my first car game I played was "Colin McRae". This skin for me means a lot, it means love for the old, love for the retro and the love of the evolution of cars over time, this skin definitely reminds me a lot of the beginning of my beginnings, that's why I have a special love. I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

- FEATURES: If you like the Rally at the same time as formula 1 this is your ideal skin. Made with great care and love. This skin includes: Helmet, driver suit, cap, gloves and boots, new office & motorhome, also the pitcrew & garagecrew a real treat for you players. Let's play!


-> Uncrompress the file mod. 'Copy and paste method' copy all the folders of ("1. Copy and paste install") in your game directory root (f1 2020). Done!

-> Note/important: Look the folders to read the files select the 70 number in your my team mode for delete the number and see correctly the mod, also select your "helmet & gloves" in your character menu.

-> By default the root of your game is like this -> C/Program files/Steam/steamapps/common/F1 2020


- VERSION 2.2:

- Fixed one problem with the simulator
- Fixed some lines & textures
- Better performance with the mipmaps files in general

- VERSION 2.1:

- Fixed some minor bugs textures
- Better mipmapping in some textures
- New textures for the office


- Improve the design of the car
- New helmet and visor
- New pitcrew/racecrew/garagecrew
- New remodeled office
- New gloves & boots
- Better minor textures


- Hq car livery inspired rally
- White helmet castrol
- White cap castrol
- White and red gloves
- Boots puma white version
- Emblem of toyota
- Simulator skin


unknown (1).jpg

unknown (2).jpg

unknown (3).jpg

unknown (4).jpg

unknown (5).jpg

unknown (6).jpg

unknown (7).jpg

unknown (8).jpg

Credits: Double R Team 2020 & Mai (Big Daughter). Thank you so much again to 'Big Daugther'. For the patient, time and love for this skin. :inlove:

Donations & Support:

If you want to support me with my job, I stream in twitch every day:

Rights and copyright:

Please don't reupload or use my mod in other website without my permission. If you want to record some gameplay with my mod, Remember always to put my link of the mod (It's not necessary, but for be honest you support me with my job). I want to watch you in some place :)

Thank you, guys. Have a nice day! :thumbsup:
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Latest updates

  1. Fix some bugs

    - Fixed one problem with the simulator - Fixed some lines & textures - Better perfomance with...
  2. Fixed some textures

    There was an error in some textures in the previous uploaded file 2.0 This updated fix the next...
  3. Improve the design and added full package (Pitcrew & Garecrew)

Latest reviews

I really liked the livery and everything works perfectly. But... Being unable to use my own driver number sucks plus despite even i don't use my driver number, my teammates car will have their own number plus number 27 and even if i tried to delete the teammates number, having two number 27 car on track feels unrealistic. For some people, it may be not a problem but i am such a sucker for realism so it bothers me a lot.
Double R
Double R
So If you like realism, Why do you think F1 of codemasters is realistic and don't play simulators? ;)
Very clean livery.
Can you just explain how to remove the default number of the driver on the car which is displayed over the yellow 27?
Thanks ;)
Hi! Beautiful mod! Can I make a small request, could you make a MOD for the full SMP Racing team? If you don't mind.
¿Qué puedo decir? Impresionante skin. :)
A mai que bueno está el Toyota Castrol. Te ha quedado espectacular.
Awesome design my friend :D
OK, I've "registered" with RaceNet and now I can select the items as they are now "unlocked". Please state that it is required to sign in with RaceNet to use the mod. Thank you, and great work! ;)
Double R
Double R
Thank you and yes you need be registered in Racenet to use this mod! :) enjoy it!
Top job mate, could you also redesign this as a Force India livery from thetimes of 2014 15 era
Really beautiful. The helmet is awesome!
Toyota Corolla WRC in Colin McRae Rally 2.0
wie Ville stunden ich das gespielt habe,
I love Castrol, it was my Favorite in Dirt 3. Nice lIvery.
Double R
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