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MyTeam Livery & Package Template [Modular Mods]

MyTeam Livery & Package Template [Modular Mods] 1.0

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This mod provides a custom ERP archive to be used as a template for creating a MyTeam livery, or for inserting existing liveries into the archive - without overwriting original game files.​
The mod itself does not contain beautiful liveries, only default skins to be replaced by those many beautiful liveries out there.​
car livery.jpg
team package.jpg


This mod is part of Modular Mods and has [Modular Mods - Base Files] as required mod to be existing or installed in the main [F1 2020] folder.​

  1. Copy livery_myteam.erp and/or helmet_myteam.erp and/or teampackage_myteam.erp to F1 2020\_Modular_Mods\_ACTIVE\.
    (choose if livery only; and plus helmet or plus team pack)
    If you do not have that folder, check the requirements first.

  2. Then insert created livery textures (.dds format) into the .erp files with EEA 7.1 and save it.
Usage for livery-creators:
  1. Use the livery ERP to your liking, insert your beautiful livery, create a mod and link to the Modular Mods Base Files else the files won't appear. Please do not include the Base Files into your mod, as those will receive updates by me from time to time.
  2. Add additional driver numbers as .dds to let the users import it into their own numberslot they use.


Simply move the copied files from F1 2020\_Modular_Mods\_ACTIVE\ up to ..\_Modular_Mods\ or delete it.​

  • This mod is based on my modular system and will not function without the base files. Other than that it is standalone and will not conflict with any original file.
  • The mod uses and creates no mipmap files, since those are saved into the .erp like in past F1 games.
  • This mod will, when loaded, overwrite other MyTeam copy & paste mods that are not based on the Modular Mods System
  • livery & helmet are standalone, teampackage contains no car livery but it contains also the helmet
  • Do not rename the files.
  • If I have forgotten an important file for the full teampackage, please let me know which one exactly and I will add it.
  • Due to the way the modular system works opposite how the game is set up, using the full package will use around 200 MB more of video memory (VRAM GPU), there is no way around it.
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Latest updates

  1. completed the package and integrated it into the Modular Mods system

    Changelog 1.1: The mod has become part of the [Modular Mods] system and must meet its...

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Do the existing teams also use this mod. E.g. Mercedes, racing point, etc.
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great job!
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Super Mod. Makes the MyTeam so much easier to modify. Works perfectly.
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