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MyTeam 2021 Duck Creek Technologies Livery

MyTeam 2021 Duck Creek Technologies Livery 1.3.1

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MyTeam Duck Creek Technologies Livery

This skin includes:

- Duck Creek Technologies Livery (replaces the Casper Akkerman livery)
- Drivers Suits, Boots, Gloves and Cap (replaces Casper Akkerman)
- Custom Helmet (replaces Casper Akkerman)
- Copy and Paste version + DDS Files

Version Support:

v1.3.1 of this skin has been tested to be fully operational using the 1.05 vanilla version of the game with no other mods installed. Simply copy and paste all files in the zip into the correct location; no additional work needed.

Installation Instructions/Options:
  1. Copy and Paste
    1. Inside the F1 2021 folder, copy all folders and files and paste them inside your F1 2021 game directory folder (copy \DuckCreekTechnologies_F1_2021_Livery_v*\F1 2021\* ----> \Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2021).
    2. Confirm replacement of files during any prompts. As of v1.3, it should be 27 files.

      Note: this may overwrite other important files or other mods so please make sure to backup your files first.
  2. Manual Installation using EGO ERP Archiver
    1. The _d.tif.dds (not _n or _s) files are provided in the zip and are aptly named so you simply need to alter the following ERP files and import the required .dds files to the right spots.

      Note: there are many guides on the internet on how to use EGO ERP Archiver, I will not be providing that training.

      Files for Helmet, Suit, Gloves, Boots and Cap:
      1. \2021_asset_groups\character_package\team_livery\2021-custom-casperakkerman\2021-custom-casperakkerman.erp
      2. \2021_asset_groups\character_package\team_livery\2021-custom-casperakkerman\2021-custom-casperakkerman_helmet.erp

      Files for Livery:
      1. \2021_asset_groups\f1_2021_vehicle_package\teams\fom_car\wep\fom_car.erp
      2. \2021_asset_groups\f1_2021_vehicle_package\teams\myteam_ferrari\wep\myteam_ferrari.erp
      3. \2021_asset_groups\f1_2021_vehicle_package\teams\myteam_honda\wep\myteam_honda.erp
      4. \2021_asset_groups\f1_2021_vehicle_package\teams\myteam_mercedes\wep\myteam_mercedes.erp
      5. \2021_asset_groups\f1_2021_vehicle_package\teams\myteam_renault\wep\myteam_renault.erp

      Files for Blank Emblem (courtesy of @Racing_Legend_420 and his Blank Emblem for Career Mode mod):
      1. \2021_asset_groups\ui_package\texture_arrays\customisation\cstm_badge_large\emblem\emblem_back_to_back.erp

Planned Updates:
  • At this time, while I do have some other things completed (things like race crew, etc.) I have decided not to package them (and I don't even have them installed in my game) due to the fact that there are other mods I would have to package (once you start doing 'global things' like pit perchs) and that is just far too much work too keep straight along with all other creators as well as it may negatively impact other gamers (meaning they may not want those other mods). It is unfortunate that EA/CM didn't put My Team stuff into separate ERPs but that's the only way that this would really work. So v1.3.1 may be my last...or at least for a long while.
  • Non-Blank Emblem w/out impacting suit or other components (if possible)
















Feedback/Rules of Use:

I welcome feedback. This is my 2nd resource to be shared here and my 2nd attempt at modding an F1 game.

Do NOT reupload my work to any other site without my express written permission. If using my work in your video(s), please enjoy but please be sure to give credit (including to the folks above whos models/templates/mods are included within my package) as appropriate!

Lastly, all images and logos are used under fair use. They do not represent the opinions or thoughts of the respective companies or their affiliates.

Latest updates

  1. Confirmed working 1.05

    Confirmed working with v1.05 via copy/paste method.
  2. Re-packing livery DDS

    Made a mistake with the livery .dds file so re-packing with correct one.
  3. Added custom helmet + re-add the DDS files for manual installation

    I've completed my custom helmet so that has been added to the package. Additionally, I have...

Latest reviews

Looks really good in game
Thank you!
Updating review now that everything is working and updated.

Looks good, so far the best skin and MyTeam setup for F1 2021.
Thank you! Glad I was able to get it sorted!
nice work!!
Thank you!
Verry nice mod! The livery looks realy cool with those colours. Great job man!
Thank you!
Giving a 1 Star until it gets fixed, everything but livery works. Once livery is working and can give it a test will adjust rating.
I have uploaded a new version after re-packaging and testing multiple times. Hope that works for you as it does for me.
File size
78.5 MB
First release
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User rating
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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