My Winter Car by Doctor(WTA) 1.0.3

Now with winter textures, music is still here.

  1. Doctor (WTA)
    This is my first work for this game.

    Do you feel that you have textures for Winter experience, but you still have MSC intro music playing while you're in menu? Do you have textures, which are still summer-ish?
    Then this is for you.;)

    It replaces all-heard intro music by Winter-style music.
    I couldn't find shorter Winter music:(, but I've decided to use this music:). Here's link for this music:
    Also makes textures Winter style ones.

    Oh alien! I forgot to tell how to install it. Well, if you are lazy, then...
    0.Unpack 7z file!

    0.5. Open MWCtheme music folder!

    1.Put MyWinterCarTheme.resource(required) and MSC theme dump.txt
    to mysummercar_Data folder(usually it's in Steam\steamapps\common\My Summer Car).

    2.Open Unity Assets Bundle Extractor(UABE), aka AssetsBundleExtractor.exe
    (if you don't have one, download from:

    3.Then follow these steps: File->Open.

    4.Target sharedassets1.assets, then Open it.

    5.Search for msc_theme(or View->Search by name, near Query type msc_theme).

    6.Import Dump, select MSC theme dump.txt, then "Open".

    7.Save the file, but >(!)> in safe place, not where sharedassets.assets is located!
    If you will not listen me, a "Cannot open the file for writing" message will appear!

    8.Press OK(or just close it), then close UABE itself.

    9.Find "modified" sharedassets1.assets, where you saved it.

    10.Copy(or cut) this file to mysummercar_Data folder, then overwrite it!

    11.Launch MySummerCar(or MyWinterCar), to listen to music, but that's not all!

    11.5. Open Winter menu textures folder!

    12.Open Unity Assets Explorer(download

    13.Press [Open Assets-file] button.

    14.Find sharedassets0.assets, the Open it.

    15.If (!) you are a beginner of this programm, then press [Extract all] button.
    (If you know what to do, you do not need to do this)

    16.Copy to sharedassets0 folder

    (or create, if you do not have one), which is located in folder, where
    UnityAssetsExplorer.exe exists(because it works like that, NO jokes)

    [For example]:

    <<17.Type amistech_logo.tex(or not fully) in Search area(near Find next button).

    18.Press [Find next], until amistech_logo.tex is highlighted.

    19.Right click on it, press [Import This File from DDS].
    (if only window with DONE! on it has popped up, it's good)

    20.Same with disclaimer_car.tex!
    smiley_no_tex.png smiley_yes_tex.png CarInIce.png bandicam 2017-12-10 11-23-50-759.jpg
    21. Save as Assets-file, but(again!) in a safe place,
    then move it to old sharedassets0.assets to overwrite, comfirm it.

    22.Close it.

    23.Enjoy these textures.

    24.About Snowflakes(same but instead sharedassets1, do on sharedassets.assets1

    I forgot(have no idea), where you can see these snowflakes:(

    Planned features:
    [DONE!]Texture for happy smile.
    [DONE!]Texture for sad smile.
    [DONE!]Texture for broken car.
    [DONE!]Texture for Amis logo.
    [DONE!]Texture for colors.

    Great... no plans. Throw at me suggestions!

Recent Reviews

  1. vlados_228
    Version: 1.0.1
  2. peppiniello
    Version: 1.0.0
    Target sharedassets1.assets, then Open. who?
    1. Doctor (WTA)
      Author's Response
      Open sharedassets1.assets , yeah I know I need to improve text BTW)
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