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My Winter Car - Budz Edition

My Winter Car - Budz Edition 1.1.4

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(More screenshots in download)​

In preparation for the winter season I've retextured the game to be a little bit more festive. There is already a couple of mods like this out there but they are very outdated with either missing or poor textures, or due to game updates the files are in the wrong directories. After several days of texturing I've come up with this pack. Credits to the previous authors for several of the textures (although 95% are redone as I was not satisfied with them)

Use Unity Asset Explorer to install the textures, or use the texture pack importer - by Chrome (You'll need to flip the images rightside up)

If there are any other things you would like to see textured or feel could be improved please let me know. Keep in mind this is the first iteration and there is likely to be a couple missing textures. If you see them please point them out!

Snow can be very bright when the sun is at it's peak. Drive carefully!


I also suggest using "Mosquito Kill" by Chrome. Save your mosquito spray for summer!

Latest updates

  1. Fail upload

    Forgot a couple of textures, sorry about that...
  2. More textures and bug fixes

    - Fixed and re-added pavement markings. Not possible to make them invisible unfortunately. - New...
  3. "Less snowy" version and several other updates

    -Added several optional files, including a "less snowy" version perfect for between now and...

Latest reviews

Still works!
when im using the texture importer it gets stuck on sharedassets3 dds to tex i left it for like an hour and it was still stuck
Can you make a video or something how to install this i cannot and i'm bored
when i use texture importer it just hangs itself at convert dds to tex and then does nothing tried letting it sit for about 1-2 hours nothing happened last year it just worked exellent
Can you put a photo ?
Great mod, esential in winter time :D
its good but i want to undo it so i can have the normal version of msc and i dont have the files please help
Very well
i cant download it becuse when i do it open inter explore up and i cant choice file :/
The mod is nice :D But I cant use the Texture Pack Importer Tool doesn't work for be. When I put the files into the Unity Assets folder, the program doesn't finish the process (it ran for around 3 hrs).
Very nice mod! Especially in the winter time xD
Love the mod, but the red diesel(fuel oil) Texture is missing in the pump
Pretty cool looking mod, thanks for creating the Winter mod for latest game version ! But, installation video would be great.
i think it is great...
i don't understand how to install it..a video might be helpfull.
Dizlike (Fail)
Nice mod but can't use mods with this. It's not your fault tho i guess.
How come? I use plenty of mods with no issue. Appreciate the review btw!
it looks very cold/cool i really like this mod!
New version, with lighter snow is stunning. Amazing job.
Probably dirt road is a bit too bright to use it during rally, but for normal usage it's perfect
I've tried my best to fix the blinding white but without spec maps for the terrain it's not really possible. I personally wouldn't use it for the rally either (Who does rally races in the winter :P) but for everything else it's okay!
This is a barely great thing. Even thought My Summer Car is stuck in Summer. And in christmas we still get a present :P
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