My Summer Problems 2017-12-04

Solve all problems without cheating.

  1. IknowCool
    There are several challenges with this save. You start at Teimo's with no vehicle and 1280 MK. The first challenge is to find a vehicle to drive. The vehicles could be anywhere on the map. Some are accessible but others may require a tow. When you find a vehicle check the fuel level before driving as there may not be enough fuel for you to drive where ever you want. If you find the Ferndale there's no rush to return it to Fleetari as he's already followed through with his threat and has taken the Satsuma from you. The second challenge is to earn enough money to pay the 76307 MK in traffic fines. The last challenge is to rebuild the Satsuma. The parts are scattered around the map and Fleetari took the body and dumped it somewhere. Solve all the problems without cheating.

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  1. mrsalatek
    Version: 2017-12-04
    i don't know why, but i did it