My Summer Garage Items! 2017-08-28

New Skins for Garage Items(Motor Oil,Coolant,Brake Fluid,Tool Sets,2-stroke,Spray Can,Extinguisher.

  1. StefanVW
    Garage Items with real world brands.
    How to install(you must have Unity Assets Explorer:
    1.Open Unity Assets Explorer.
    2.Click on Open Assets-file.
    3.Locate sharedassets3.assets(it is in your My Summer Car folder,in mysummercar_Data)
    4.Search for ATLAS_GARAGE.tex.
    5.Right click on the file and click Extract This File.
    6.A folder called sharedassets3 will be created in the same location your Unity Assets Explorer is.
    7.Open the folder and copy&replace the new skins.
    8.Go back to Unity Assets Explorer.
    9.Right click once more time on the file and select Import this file from original-format and then Import This File from DDS.
    10.Click on Save as Assets-file and select the sharedassets3.assets.
    11.A message will appear and it will ask you if you want to replace the file,click YES.
    12.Start your game and enjoy the new textures!
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Recent Reviews

  1. AiderenCZ
    Version: 2017-08-28
    very good textures now i fell like "rally star" :D
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