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My summer car Save Game (Help me with the Satsuma) 20.08.19

My summer car save game satsuma doesn't start.

  1. Facustar
    My satsuma doesn't wo h rk (I put all the wires), the gearshift doesn't work and theandbrake doesn't work either Captura de pantalla (293).png

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  1. Pitr
    Version: 20.08.19
    It`s running smothly for me, I`v added ofc new battery, spurkplugs, oil filter and belt but....I`v found in MSC Editor that 2 parts needed to be bolted but it didn`t show which...maybe that was the problem.
    1. Facustar
      Author's Response
      Thanks man! I have done what you did and it is fixed! Thank you
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