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My Summer Car Multiple Choise Save Games (Remastered) (Rally/Highway)

My Summer Car Multiple Choise Save Games (Remastered) (Rally/Highway) 16.05.2020

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-There are 2 save games. One is highway speeding setup, other is rally ready setup.

-Both inspected save games.

-You have got 500.000mk money on both save games.

-Some jobs on the map.

-Lots of food, beer and cigarettes at shop, home and repair shop.

-Spawn behind Teimo Shop.

-You have got sofa at Teimo Shop and bed-trunked Ruscko at repair shop so you can sleep everywhere on the map.

-Lots of useful parts and nearly all GT parts at the wooden room behind Teimo Shop.

-Everywhere is clean and every item is ready to use.

-All engine parts and fluids are changed and repaired.

-There is a computer on your room and it is set.

-Car wrecks at home.

-You have got all required and important items everywhere so you won't need to buy anything.

-Unfinished save.

Car Locations:

Teimo Shop:
Gifu, Satsuma and Jonnez

Home: Hayosiko and Kekmet(with flatbed)

Repair Shop: Ruscko and Ferndale

About Satsuma:

-Both Highway Save and Rally Save has 3700 gear ratio so they have got great top speeds.
-Highway setup has slick tires and a simple interior.
-Rally setup has bucket seats, roll cage, harness and fire extinguisher so it's ready to join rally.
-There is no overheating problem.
-Both cars have got food, beer, spanner set and helmet in it.
-They have N-20 both.
-I'm sure they are the best cars ever, try and see :)

To Download:

-Search "%appdata%" on Windows Search.

You will see AppData folder. Then use this way:
AppData > LocalLow -> Amistech -> My Summer Car

There should be 4 to 8 files there. Those are your save files. First create a folder to desktop and copy your original saves in that folder to backup your save.

Then copy my save game to
AppData > LocalLow -> Amistech -> My Summer Car
and click "replace". It's all!

(I used GrabAnything and CheatBox mods to collect items together. I don't think it will be a problem to use, but if you have a problem about mods, i can load a save that i didn't use mods, too.)

If you have got a problem or a request, you can tell me. I will be glad to help you if you tell me your problem. Thank you for downloading my save!

Latest updates

  1. Remastered My Summer Car Save

    -Fixed engine parts and fluids. -Added a rally ready setup. -You can choose highway speeding...

Latest reviews

awesome save bro
car's pistons fly out when doing a launch, i'm giving it 3 stars for the work put in to do the other things
thanks man, i really enjoy this save, i was never able to build the satsuma myself and never got far if i got anywhere at all so im very thankfull that you posted your save games, i love the beer stack at teimo's by the way, nice stacking game.
Thanks bro! You can also check my newer save. I made lots of improvements. Link: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/my-summer-car-multiple-choise-save-games-survival-powerful-satsuma.35473/
Really nice save game, love the rally save, haven't tried the highway but from reviews sounds very good, good job on these.
i had some problems but good i love the rally verison thanks for makeing this
Thank you so much for downloading my save! But can you please tell me what was the problem? There is a better save game that i made here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/my-summer-car-multiple-choise-save-games-survival-powerful-satsuma.35473/ I started from the chassic and made everything from zero. I also fixed all of engine parts and added fluids. I am sure it will solve all your problems!
Love your highway save game. satsuma is so stable and fast. I will try rally save game too out. nice work
Thanks brother! Rally save game is not so different expect better grip on dirt road and rally requirements. It won't make you sad, too.
perfect but street version flips too easy!
Thank you so much bro. Slick tyres has got the best top speed on highway so i use them but you can change them with GommerGobra or EuRopeska. They have got better grip but less top speed on highway.
nice save
Thank you so much bro!
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