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My Summer Car Multi Save

Program That Allows Player To Have More Than One Save

  1. Fix

    Updater Fixed
  2. Update

    * Organized Code and Made Tweaks
    * Update Now Downloads Update.zip
    * Save Limit Is Now 100
    * Changed UI A Little
  3. My Summer Car Multi Save Update/Bug Fixees

    * Changed GUI It's Now A Little Cleaner and Simpler
    * Now Keeps Saves Even After Each Update (Should of Implemented First Update)
    * Code Was Cleaned and Changed For Less Errors
    * Added Notification When Save is Loaded and When Save is Saved
    * Now Harder to Overwtite Saves That Are Loaded As Now you Cant Load Another Save When One is Loaded
    * Delete Mesh Only Deletes THe meshsave WHen a Save Has Been Loaded
    * Save Limit Is Now Set To A Limit Of 25


    1. Capture.PNG
  4. Bug Fixes

    *Fixed Delete Save Now Deletes Save And Save's Folder
    *Update Gives Link To RaceDepartment for Update
    *The GU Was Changed Around a Little
    *Bugs And Fixes To Code Changed
    I Apologize For the Delay In Updates I Have Been Busy


    1. Capture.PNG
  5. Fixed Mesh Delete

    * Fixed Mesh Delete as It Wasn't Working Properly
    Only Deletes Mesh If There is A Save Loaded Else if Tells User No Mesh Found, Will Fix This Problem

    *Next Update Will Be a GUI Change To Help Users Understand Things Better and Give Better Instructions

    *It Will also Be Fixing the Auto Update as It is Only Letting User Know About Update and Not Downloading Update For Then. This Will Be Fixed In
  6. My Summer Car Multi Save Fix

    Allows the User to Be able to Switch Between a Total of 15 Saves,
    If Users Want More Save Options Then Let me Know And Ill Add in Next Update.
    Also if anyone has ideas Feel Free to Comment and Let Me Know
    Version is Just a Basic Multi Save as of Now
    But It Will Be Updated to Fix Bugs or Errors You Encounter

    *Fixed Windows Messages Not Centering The Program
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