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My Summer Car [Ending]

My Summer Car [Ending] 2020

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Hey guys this save is for you to experience the ending with SUSKI
  • Built a mostly working Satsuma
  • Own, or have enough money to buy, two full Beer cases
  • Be able to keep up with Jani while racing him around the highway
  • Satsuma can drive at the highway speed limit for a fair period of time without exploding
  • A general knowledge of the map, specifically how to get to the Dance Pavilion and Ski hill
Suski is Jani's girlfriend. She can sometimes be found in his car and, during this time, having a race with Jani may lead him to crash and die while Suski survives unharmed. She will then want to go somewhere safe; the player's house is such a place and she can be dropped off to rest in the player's parents' room. When the player next sleeps, she will leave a note thanking the player for their help. At this point, Suski, possibly on the rebound, suddenly takes an interest in the player and will allow the player to take her on a date.

For the best results, take at least two full crates of beer; both Booze and beer is even better.

When the date begins, she will get inside the player's car and want the player to drive her around. She doesn't like going too fast and will like or dislike certain parts of the car's modifications (a list can be found on Suski's wiki page). Suski will want the player to take her to either the dance pavilion or ski ramps after a period of time.

After dropping her off and talking with her, she will begin to drink the beer and get the player to do the same. Keep drinking until you pass out.

After a period of time (2h 30m in-game time), Suski will call the player. She will tell him that she is pregnant and he must take responsibility for that. The player passes out and wakes up driving the Satsuma with her in the back seat.

Features :
Hayosiko Key ✔
Gifu Truck Key ✔
Ruscko [won] ✔
Fully tuned Satsuma [with inspection] ✔
Organized items [clean and tidy] ✔
Garage full of stock items [for satsuma] ✔
This save also comes with the MSC-MAP and TV-Controls (translated)

Jobs :
● Uncle Done
● Jokke [Kilju Guy] Moved on the apartment Done
● Fleetari vandalism and junk cars Done
● Tovhakka [Farm Guy] Haybale and Combine harvester Done
● Cabin [won]

● if this doesn't help you enough you can watch Youtube Tutorials
● Please leave a 5 star rating if you liked it THANKS!!!!!
  • 3 Trophies 10 booze.png
    3 Trophies 10 booze.png
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  • Computer and diskette.png
    Computer and diskette.png
    1.5 MB · Views: 330
  • Van and ruscko.png
    Van and ruscko.png
    1.2 MB · Views: 438
  • Garage.png
    1.1 MB · Views: 486
  • Combine  Harvester.png
    Combine Harvester.png
    1.1 MB · Views: 431
  • Kekmet and gifu.png
    Kekmet and gifu.png
    1.2 MB · Views: 332
  • Kitchen.png
    1.4 MB · Views: 353

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  1. Here is the file guys

    Im sorry i forgot to put the file

Latest reviews

i cant start rally couse the satsuma is not inspected, even it is
I waited a LONG time for the call, didn't even get it. WHY IS THIS NOT WORKING. Also I waited 2 hours in real time
Man why did you put that much effort on this game :) Everything is good and stable, even the opening of driver door :) All the parts are nearly %100 quality. But car starts a bit diffucult, not %100 upgraded and i can't find the yellow car anywhere. You can upgrade the car a bit more like putting N20. Great job!
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1.2 MB
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