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My Summer Car - Brian Skyline R34 Template

My Summer Car - Brian Skyline R34 Template 2021-04-09

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Its my first texture/mod/skin, so I hope you like it, leave a review or donate if you want to, thank you so much, enjoy!

Use a texture as you like and modify as you like too, but don't repost it anywhere as if you were creating it, if you want, put credits, Thank you!

1 - Download the rar file, and unpack it anywhere you want.

2- Copy "car.png" and "window_sticker.png" and Paste in "My Summer Car Local Installation/Images/" and Replace files!

3- Ingame, go to the mechanic, and choose service of installing a painting made by the artist.

4- Wait for the mechanic work, and there you go, you have your Satsuma R34.
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