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MXGP - Ken Bloc Monster WRC Helmet 1.0

Helmet Reskin based on Ken Bloc's Monster Energy World Rally Ford.

  1. 1NC4RN8
    This skin replaces the custom helmet 00 (Helmet 1), with a Helmet based on Ken Bloc's Monster Energy For Fiesta WRC car.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    All images available here.

    The File only contains the .DDS files.
    If you need to know how to add .DDS files to your GFX.mix file, see Thimoty Decrans page here.
    Watch the video:

    MixFile Remixer available here:
    Please notify me if any of the links do not work so that I can fix them ASAP.


    1. Monster WRC Helmet 5.png
    2. Monster WRC Helmet 6.png
    3. Monster WRC Car.png
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