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MXGP 2015 MOD 2.0


  1. MXGP 2015 MOD V2

    Added: Dungey, Searle and Febvre
    New Yamaha Yamalube team.
    All new driver template.
    Reed 2016 gear and matte helmet.
    All new bikes and drivers with menu graphics.
    New custom helmets.
    And a lot of fixes/improved textures.
    New replay cameras more "real".
    More scrub lat angle and lighter fall.

    2015-07-28_00005.jpg 2015-07-28_00016.jpg 2015-07-28_00018.jpg 2015-07-28_00022.jpg 2015-07-28_00026.jpg 2015-07-28_00027.jpg ...
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