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MX5 Spec Miata 1.32

rFactor 2 mod by PlickBadger

  1. Bez

    (Info taken from Plickbadger's original post on isi forum)

    Please be aware that the default shifting option is H-Pattern with Clutch. If you don't have a clutch or an H-Pattern shifter, please choose the Paddle Shifter option in tuning.

    If you choose the H-Pattern option, you will have to make good shifts

    Driving Tip
    Be patient with your entry speed! This is the critical mistake that SM drivers make. You can carry tons of speed through turns, but you have to get the entry speed right. If you come in too hot, lift a little and preemptively counter steer.. you can save it to a point [​IMG]

    I recommend the following FFB settings:
    Car Specific FFB MULT = 1.24
    FFB Smoothing = 4
    Steering torque minimum="0.08000"

    Car Specific FFB MULT = 1.00
    FFB Smoothing = 0
    Steering torque minimum="0.03000"

    I recommend setting your engine volume to 35%. Spec Miatas are LOUD. Setting the this to 35% is effectively the same as wearing ear plugs, plus you'll be able to use TS or Vent and hear the spotter.

Recent Reviews

  1. RKip455
    Version: 1.32
    Well since I finally have gotten rF2 to work in VR and I own a 1991 Spec Miata... I' thrilled with this mod. I've only raced my Miata at Barber... but will really enjoy this Mod, thanks! It's Fantastic and sounds just like my High Speed Go-Kart....!
  2. Joex22
    Version: 1.32
  3. Luke Ritchie
    Luke Ritchie
    Version: 1.32
    Really enjoy racing with this car.
  4. Fernando Zart
    Fernando Zart
    Version: v1.0
    Almost forgot how fun rF2 can be. Thanks a lot. This mod along the Bathurst track is a must.
  5. David O'Reilly
    David O'Reilly
    Version: v1.0
    Great fun, full of character, a different experience with different challenges.
  6. Gijs van Elderen
  7. Lucio Distilleri
    Lucio Distilleri
    Version: v1.0
    nice phisics, sharethe template please!!!
  8. levidete
    Version: v1.0
    Very, very good.
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