Mushroom Cup Final 92

Mushroom Cup Final 92 1.0

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Mushroom Cup '92 Final V1.0

Track made from scratch by Neteye based on a Super Mario Kart Track for the SNES by Nintendo.

The track is made after a map from, so i guess its as accurate as i can get it in Race07. I added a pitlane in the infield and had to cheat a bit on the jump. The "jump" should work with all vehicles, but the NIAI (not intelligent artificial intelligence) will not complete a lap, as it is not compatible with my cheating with the jump. So i did not even try to make a somewhat good AI.

Track features also working Lakitu-startlight and 8bit-ish rainreflections.

capture_2014-03-29_20-46-30.jpg capture_2014-03-29_20-47-41.jpg
capture_2014-03-29_20-48-13.jpg capture_2014-03-30_11-17-15.jpg

Just extract the file into your Race07 main directory.

This track is for non-commercial use only. If you want to host it anywhere else
then NoGrip or Racedepartment, please contact me. Conversions only with my permission!

AI is not able to complete a lap because of the jump!


2014-03-29 V1.0 Initial release with non working AI.

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A Championship deciding race track if I ever saw one!