Muscle Car - New Paintjob and Interior 2017-04-21

Paintjob and interior change for the Ferndale

  1. zX3pLeELITEXz
    Here's a new paintjob and interior look for the Ferndale.
    Took me about 5-6 hours in total to make all of this.

    These things are changed
    - Paint (Beige, Brown mixture)
    - Floor (Black)
    - Seats (Black, Brown)
    - Dashboard (Black)
    - Steering Wheel (Black)
    - Gauges (Colors switched around)
    L_______ (Text and other: Black)
    L________(Background: White)
    20170421141145_1.jpg 20170421141158_1.jpg

    To add this to the game:
    - Download UnityAssetsExplorer and this file.
    - Extract the sharedassets3-folder in the same location as the
    - Click "Open" and choose "sharedassets3"
    - In the searchbox, search for one of the files at a time, rightclick it
    once you've found it and click "Import from DDS".

    When this is done to all the files that are in the download, click "Save" up in the right corner. Save it as sharedassets3.
    Now it should be working!

Recent Reviews

  1. DmitrySh
    Version: 2017-04-21
    Awesome Interior !
  2. RaceDepMSC
    Version: 2017-04-21
    worth the time put into it!
  3. HelpMyselfOut
    Version: 2017-04-21
    i looked so long for this type. thx bro :D
    1. zX3pLeELITEXz
      Author's Response
      Me too, so I took the time to make something similar to what I looked for myself. Glad you liked it!
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