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MSV - M4 MASTER experience livery pack

MSV - M4 MASTER experience livery pack 1.0

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The BMW M4 MASTER livery collection is inspired by the driving experience available at the MotorSport Vision (MSV) racing circuits Donington Park, Oulton Park and Brands Hatch in the UK. It includes variations for each track with changes in circuit logo and decal placement based on reference and video materials found online.

Features absent from the real world vehicles are the red front and rear sunshades, and the rear quarter window number decals. The model’s materials and UV mapping doesn’t appear to support these elegantly without modifying the original asset.

For an authentic experience, drive one of the legendary MSV circuits under ‘Track Day’ conditions with a group of AI controlled M4 Coupe’s in M4 MASTER liveries. Online video reference shows that different MSV circuit themed cars appear at each other’s tracks. It’s not unusual to see a Brands Hatch M4 driving around Donington Park for example.



The included skins are compatible with the BMW M4 Coupe from the Dream Pack 2 DLC, and a RHD version of the M4 F82 Competition Package which you can find online (I had to fix the sound on this vehicle using the AcTools Cars Manager, re-using the Kunos M4 sound files to get it to work). Upon opening the .RAR file, manually copy the relevant folders to the ‘skins’ folder of which ever version within assettocorsa > content > cars.

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