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MSC SaveGame with GTParts and all Tuning Parts

MSC SaveGame with GTParts and all Tuning Parts 1.0

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My first SaveGame for MySummerCar
Money: Unlimited
80 beercases
200 bottles Booze
100 bottles Kilju
about 300 packages of cigarettes
Enough Food in the fridge
All Tuning Parts bought
All GTParts for the Satsuma
Gifu and Van are in front of the House
Satsuma was already tuned and repaired by Fleetari
Computer is bought

I hope you enjoy the SaveGame!

WARNING: The alcohol bottles are causing lags when you play the game on a slow Computer!
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Latest reviews

Where are the gt parts and how im gonna get them. they are not in the grage
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I cant find the Fan belt anywhere so i cant even start the car. And the sotre is empty.
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cant find the car batterys and the store is compleatly emty
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Good savegame, but maybe ditch the booze?
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