MSC Mod Loader 0.1 0.1

MSC Mod Loader 0.1 by: Longwelwind & TheNoob454

  1. ajanhallinta
    New version of MSC Mod Loader (by piotrulos) there:

    Iam not maker of this mod!

    All credits and honor goes to: Longwelwind & TheNoob454. I uploaded this since the original source is down (

    If you are maker of this and want me to to remove this, let me know and i'll do it.


    # MSCLoader
    A mod loader for My Summer Car

    1. Download the latest release of MSCLoader from [here](
    2. Navigate to your My Summer Car install directory (Most likely {Steam install dir}\steamapps\common\My Summer Car)
    3. Navigate to your Managed folder ({Steam install dir}\steamapps\common\My Summer Car\mysummercar_Data\Managed)
    4. Place MSCLoader.dll, Mono.Cecil.dll, Mono.Cecil.Rocks and MSCPatcher.exe in that folder
    5. Use MSCPatcher.exe
    6. Launch your game, and load.
    7. Quit the game
    8. Navigate to your Mods folder ({my documents}\MySummerCar\Mods)
    9. Put your plugins (example "TeleportPlugin.dll") in the folder and your ready!

    Credit: Longwelwind & TheNoob454

Recent Reviews

  1. y tho
    y tho
    Version: 0.1
    can you make tuner for all cars plz and add a thing so we can type the power multiplier and it keeps it saved when restarted
    1. ajanhallinta
      Author's Response
      Yes, when i got time and inspiration i will update SatsumaTuner to support all vehicles :)
  2. Felteen
    Version: 0.1
  3. Gnarlex
    Version: 0.1
    AMAZING! We needed this!
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