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MSC All Cars + Massive Product Supply 2019-02-18

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This save file is to help everyone out to start off with some cash and all the cars, Enjoy the game and make sure to check out my Youtube Channel (Squad Mark) Link Below \/ All Cars.jpg All Parts - tools.jpg All Rims.jpg Garage View - All parts.jpg Food Supply.jpg Food Supply.jpg All Rims.jpg
All Cars are working and fully repaired with extra parts to customise avalible in the garage, From rims to engine and even paints.
Squad Mark
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where i can find the others car. in front of my house is the blue van the traktor with trailer and the trucl. in the garage the Satsuma
Squad Mark
All cars are at the house
what folder do i put this in for it to word
Squad Mark
Will be posting a Video this week showing how to install it
6/5 save, i like it!
Squad Mark
Thank you