Mr Pibb's 2015 update - Part 2 0.5

Part 2 of my 2015 Mod. Puts pitstands in 2015 pitlane order.

  1. Mr Pibb
    This is part 2 of Mr Pibb's F1 2015 update. This part puts pitstands in 2015 pitlane order to match the garage order. It could be used as a stand alone mod and will not be affected by other track graphical updates.

    Some screenies:

    Note that you will require part 3 of my mod if you want the McLaren and Manor pitstand skins. Otherwise you will get McLaren-Mercedes and Marussia pitstands.

    Please put any correspondence about this part of the mod in the main mod thread. Thanks.

    Download part 1 of the mod here ** DISCONTINUED **
    Download part 3 of the mod here
    and here (split in two due to file size)


    Mr Pibb.

Recent Reviews

  1. plateropaco
    Version: 0.5
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