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Moutsos  Ford Escort Cosworth

Moutsos Ford Escort Cosworth Ver. 02

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Moutsos Ford Escort Cosworth
HillClimb Greece 2019

Install: Simply unzip the folder in the cars folder of DirtRally2

Hope you like it
dirtrally2 2019-04-30 23-17-36-08.jpg
dirtrally2 2019-04-30 23-17-38-21.jpg
dirtrally2 2019-04-30 23-17-40-00.jpg
dirtrally2 2019-04-30 23-17-44-24.jpg
  • dirtrally2 2019-04-30 23-17-45-71.jpg
    dirtrally2 2019-04-30 23-17-45-71.jpg
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  1. Colors updates and minor fix

    Colors updates and minor fix

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perfect, thx
Thanks you my friend ;)
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ωραιος ,αλλα περιμενω να δω το εσκορτ του Κυρκου
Λίγη υπομονή έρχεται και αυτό !!!
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