Mountain Forest 0.5

Mountain Forest, tracks, rfactor2, mario morais

  1. Ian Franssen
    Mountain Forest for rFactor2 by Mário Morais.

    This track is a conversion of my old track "Mountain Florest" from rFactor.

    Is a fantasy track i made in rf1 for fun races.

    07/08/2012 beta 0.5

    - Tunnels lights and textures
    - Road geometry retouch and textures.
    - water texture test
    - HDR profile (but the game don't loading it) disable HDR for best color.

    02/08/2012 Beta 0.4

    - Only Road have rf2 new RealRoad technology.
    To do:
    - apply RealRoad to some road edges.
    -fix shadows in tunnels
    - new grass textures and shaders
    - New trees, add 3d trees and 2d
    - add lights in tunnels and box

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