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Motorsport Manager Save Game Editor

Motorsport Manager Save Game Editor 1.4.6536.39633

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This tool is an editor for modifying save games from Motorsport Manager on the PC. We try to keep the tool up to date with the latest version of the game on Steam.


  • Modify basic information about your player character
  • Modify team principles, engineers, and mechanics
  • Modify drivers and add/remove personality traits
  • Swap people between teams
  • Change game speed settings for race
  • Modify team stats
  • Modify stats of car parts in inventory
  • Modify championship rules
Let me know what you want to be able to change and I'll look into adding it to the editor.

Make a backup of your save game first! I cannot stress this enough. There is a chance it could break your save completely or cause instability in the game. Please report these bugs to me and I'll fix them.


Latest updates

  1. 1.4

    v1.4 - Editor remembers its size and whether or not it is maximized - Added Endurance series...
  2. 1.3.1

    Hotfix for yesterdays build that fixes a crash launching the editor while MM is running
  3. 1.3

    Marking this as 1.3 and dropping the BETA tag as I'm more convinced this update is pretty...

Latest reviews

It works, just do not over do it with the editing, or you might end up breaking the game. My only complaint is there is no search function on the lists, nor are the lists in any sort of order. It is a pain to having to scroll through a list to find a specific item. That wastes so much time. I doubt the creator even looks at these after so many years, but if anyone knows them, clue them in, or at the very least give the file to someone to maintain.
Dont work. I try different saves,and this only saves in aplication, not in game. Buls*it
Best tool for modding team, drivers etc. Only wish you could modify the appearance of drivers with it.
Used to work, it might be the mod im using, but when it does work its 10/10
Previously this program worked great, but now it just breaks the save game :c
wrong, he telles me could not create FileInfo for and check that the editor has permissions to access this file
You are my fu...Hero. Many thanks bro. Best editor ever.
Works amazingly well! There are compatibility issues with some mods (ie. switching AI drivers between teams in Fire Fantasy mods causes crashes), but that is down to the mods and not the editor. A+ editor, would recommend to anyone.
This modifier is AWESOME.
Very easy to use, althought not everything is understandably. I haven't seen any real impact.

I did send a donation to the author! He (she?) deserved it rightfully!
I found this good but you cant bring a driver from unemployed into a team from what i know. If anyone knows how to fix this that would help.
Awesome job, it have everything you need to customized the team of your dreams
Fantastic job exelent editor
its good but i don´t know how to see if its works ?
Great editor overall and for the most part works great. However there is a bug when you try to change the rules of a championship that causes the editor to crash when you click save/save as..
Thank you, it works great! Very easy to use program! Cool!

p.s: I using Google Translator)
Very nice
However, I download it mainly for the most annoying part of the game : the pit crew...
But did not found anything. Is it possible to have something to edit the pit crew ?
Working good
No way to edit potential (or not working), no sorting for teams/traits, no search for traits. Could only use to directly edit stats/wages.
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