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Motogp16 New 3rd Person Chase Cameras Pack 2.1

3rd Person and Chase cam modified with speed effect

  1. swaty
    Pack 2.1 [DOWNLOAD LINK]

    -Elevated the camera position a bit so the track is mose visible.

    -removed the strip bumping effect making the camera shake.

    Pack 2 [DOWNLOAD LINK]

    Mostly 3rd person fixed camera with no speed effect

    Pack 1

    Mostly 3rd person with speed effect

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Recent Reviews

  1. DOODL38UG
    Version: Pack 2.1
    1. swaty
      Author's Response
      nice choice :). but its just soOoOo personal one favourite pov. Cheers!
  2. Vayte
    Version: Pack 2
    they implement very well
  3. gamer19
    Version: Pack 2
    Thanks mate.
    This one seems even better than first. I hope my suggestions helped ...somehow. =)
    Keep up.
    1. swaty
      Author's Response
      Your suggentions? Well…of course! i totally based the camera position on your input!
  4. gamer19
    Version: 2016-11-08
    Thanks for this.
    My detailed review on "support" page.
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