MotoGP13 Physhics Mod 1.1

MotoGP13 Physhics Mod

  1. Aiyan
    Hello, this is the first time I will share the modifications I did. The modification I change some Physhics Data parts as below

    -Improved AI for the more difficult. (MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, Legend). select to Realistic-Pro
    -End Race Camera
    -Parcferme Camera
    -Smoothing Controller
    (for some gamepad can't have Smooth when steering, now will feel the same as when using the keyboard)
    -Improved AI Overtake
    -Improved Terrains track
    (The Bike will not slow down when you are out of line except in the gravel)
    -Leg Wave before entering a corner. for all MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3. Legend and Redbull, is only Player. ;-D
    -Backfire effect like the SBK game (maybe like that..
    -Change the duration of time when you fall, also for AI
    -Disable auto-respawn when you try to reverse direction hehe

    How to use this Mod:

    1. Open the installation data from the game
    C:\Program Files\Milestone\MotoGP13\
    2. Copy and paste the file "DATA.MIX" you just downloaded and place it in this location, dont forget to make a backup of the original "DATA.MIX" file.

    That's it !

    This modification only test on Patch version 1.2
    This mod can not be used to Play Online.


    -LeMic for Mixfile ReMixer
    -Tommi-TAG for made guide to editing AI on his Blog
    -Milestone for great game.
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