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MotoGP Physics Mod 2.0

faster AI / variable Player

  1. PRo
    The mod features faster AI and different player bike physics.
    The player will have the same bike physics (per DATA mod) regardless of what MotoGP team/bike they'll ride (so there shouldn't be any difference if you ride an ART or a factory Yamaha/Honda).
    The AI bike physics are the same for all the DATA files.
    1DATA.MIX - fastest player bike*
    4DATA.MIX - slowest player bike*
    *identical for all teams/bike models

    Installation: extract the archive / backup your current DATA.MIX (e.g. rename it to "0DATA.MIX"), and then rename one of the modes to DATA.MIX

    Also included:
    -slower qualification times to make them irrelevant
    -excluded some riders (via forced missing DLC) to have max 22/23
    -enabled unlimited rewinds
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