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MotoGP 19 RaceDepartment Combined Mods

MotoGP 19 RaceDepartment Combined Mods V 2.0

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MotoGP 19 RaceDepartment Combined Mods by Guji Lai Gaming

This Paks Has Included:
1. Rider Updates V 1.4 by BIKER7202
2. LCR Honda Castrol Custom Rider Mod by Famous Youtuber Gorioris
3. Tyre Fix For Historic Bikes V 1.2 by 007licensed
4. Pramac Lamborghini Mugello Mod by Calicojack
5. Yamaha Misano Red Eneos Fairing Mod by Calicojack

6. Honda Ferrari Mod by Raskav12
7. Reworked Custom Rider Suit V 1.0 by 86ayayay
8. LCR Flexbox Skin V 2.0 by Calicojack
9. Dainese (Yellow) MotoGP Suit V 1.0 by Yoshua Liberty Filio
10. VNE Snipers Team Mod by MatLpt
11. Speed Up Racing Mod by Calicojack

12. AGV Woodpecker Mod by Calicojack

Sample Pictures ;):
motogp19-Win64-Shipping 2019-10-31 21-18-37-61.png

motogp19-Win64-Shipping 2019-10-31 21-19-02-83.png

motogp19-Win64-Shipping 2019-10-31 21-19-24-89.png

motogp19-Win64-Shipping 2019-10-31 21-20-16-75.png

Why I made this mod: I know that some of yours after installed Rider Updates Mod by BIKER7202, then other mods have not working in the game like me, so I combined all the mods above into one pak file.

Aim: To Make Everyone Life More Simple As I Can

How to Install:
1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MotoGP™19\motogp19\Content\Paks and put the file there
2. Enjoy

If you have any suggestions and ideas, please PM me. Thanks.
I respect all of the mods maker.:thumbsup:

P/S: Please
DON'T DOWNLOAD if you never face that problem (Rider Updates Mod had covered other mods and make others mod not working) in the game unless you are facing that problem

Latest updates

  1. V 2.0 - Added 6 Mods

    7. Reworked Custom Rider Suit V 1.0 by 86ayayay 8. LCR Flexbox Skin V 2.0 by Calicojack 9...

Latest reviews

Excuse my english I'm french.
I have a bug with Zarco and Kallio. 2 drivers have no helmet and no head in race (or carrer, time attack, ...)
I suggest you to download 2020 Season Mod by BIKER7202 because 2019 season had already finished. Kallio wouldn't be appear next season so... ...You know what I mean right??
Thx for combining them, the prama labo gave me a bug and i couldn't see the suit black and yellow but i put the lambo mod and all worked together properly
thanks for your positive review ;)
File size
117.9 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.50 star(s) 2 ratings

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