MotoGP 17 Livery Updates 1.0

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  1. 86ayayay
    Hi! This is my very first mod in this forum. This mod based on latest livery used by MotoGP teams.
    This mod contains :
    - Movistar Yamaha, Aprilia, Avintia, Pramac and Aspar livery update
    - Repaint some glasses
    - Adjusted some bike and glass mask
    - Other minor details
    MotoGP17X64 2017-07-16 10-48-28-455.jpg MotoGP17X64 2017-07-16 10-46-37-203.jpg MotoGP17X64 2017-07-16 10-43-23-359.jpg MotoGP17X64 2017-07-16 10-34-35-591.jpg MotoGP17X64 2017-07-16 10-28-54-833.jpg
    Installation :
    - Backup your files
    - Extract your MOTOGP2017.MIX with Mixfile ReMixer by LeMic
    - Copy and Replace/Overwrite my mod into extracted MOTOGP2017.MIX
    - Repack again with Mixfile ReMixer by LeMic (Format SBK-X/V8)

    I will do suits aswell in future updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. Pazuzu
    Version: 1.0
    Amazing work. So the point is, extract motogp17.mix, extract your mod, copy your mod files into original game and then repack?
    1. 86ayayay
      Author's Response
      Thanks, Yes it is
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