MotoGP 16. Faster & Advanced A.I MOD 1.0

Harder, Faster, Furious Ai behavior

  1. swaty

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    Mod Features for MotoGP

    - [Faster] Cpu race pace
    - [Original] Player physics
    - [Q1 /Q2] Laps updated with sector
    - [Plus] Helicopter Replay view​

    :confused:I’ve made this mod for those who find the game easy to beat in simulator level. :confused:

    The AI now is faster and more aggressive. I have tested most tracks with it and I’m getting faster laps with this mod in comparison to the original game. Various issues have been tuned for a greater challenge. For example the cpu does more than a second in some cases for each lap in some tracks, in others more than 2 . :notworthy:

    I am mainly targeting the MotoGp category however moto2 and moto3 might be affected. This is actually confirmed by other players...:thumbsup: btw If the game is too hard just lower the difficulty. :redface:

    The AI has really been pushed. Yes, AI has been pumped, are faster, more aggressive, powerful and with a touch precision, they are a lot harder to beat. The pace they reach really speaks for its self. So don’t expect a fair fight.:mad:


    Some thoughts..

    From my experience in moding motogp 15 I noticed that in 16 Miilestone actually optimized the cpu trajectory. For example in motogp 15, it was a nightmare compromising Sachsenring to make the riders stable since that meant that every time I made Sach more stable the race pace in other tracks was worse.:mad: So... they definitely tweaked something for the better because I haven’t had issues with this track in this version and the first turn is ratther complicated (down slope turn, after a straight). After receiving the first feedback on this mod I realized that this time Austria was going to be my new Sachsenring. :cry: One of the reasons being that in corner 1 and 3 (or as Crutchlow would put it, corner 1 and 2) have blockers on the inside of the curves (I have no idea if these can be removed) and becuase of the bumpy turn at a high point.

    Personal victory!:notworthy:

    I was able to make the AI pull off ,finally , in Phillip Island. Other tracks, even Red Bull i managed to put the cpu in the range, stable.

    Track records :cautious::​


    Install Instructions:
    Make back up of DATA.MIX located at install directory

    2. Copy and replace DATA.MIX with the downloaded one



    Helicopter Replay view

    Enjoy :barefoot:


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Recent Reviews

  1. farid khoir
    farid khoir
    Version: 1.0
    How to edit mod camera replay at after race ? what name of file bml ?
    I wanna add helicopter camera replay to my mod
  2. khoir zen
    khoir zen
    Version: 1.0
    how to make AI or bike performance very late brake+not slip in the entry corner and very fast+strong point in the exit corner? Thanks
  3. BIKER7202
    Version: 1.0
    Great mod, tested it on a couple of tracks and they are very fast, only complaint is sachernring in which they are 3 seconds a lap too slow, for me at least but that is probably to do with how the ai are coded and not the mod itself
  4. senbei6
    Version: 1.0
    Testing this on the Mugello track to see if the pilots drew a more correct way see that still outside the track at some stage not get notice the difference in difficult level still very fast try some other track like Australia that also go at a rate too fast I can not assess positively or negatively thanks for your work
    1. swaty
      Author's Response
      Oh.. ok.. well..if its too hard lower the difficulty
  5. fefa
    Version: v0.9.7
    Motogp : juego en difícil con este mod, la IA cambia mucho de un circuito a otro , pasan de ser extremadamente rápidos como en mugello a ser facil en Alemania. Los tiempos de la Quali de la IA son 4 segundos mas rápido que en la race en promedio. Igual gracias por su esfuerzo

    -IA Quali Mugello 1.44...(difficult pro)...unrealistic
    -My time 1.48 similar to the actual motogp 2016
    1. swaty
      Author's Response
      Q time fixed in version 1.O!

      Si estas haciendo 1,48 en mugello, siento decirte que este mod no es para ti. Es para los que hacen almenos 1,45. Además los records vienen en la presentación de la página por lo que tampoco debería ser ninguna sorpresa. salud.
  6. cris_mc
    Version: v0.9.7
    awesome mod, i tried in moto 3 and it's harder, so much fun fighting, keep it up
  7. stanson
    Version: 0.7
    In my opinion this is the best mod although I only tried it for Moto2. AI became much more competetive an without making mistakes I finish my races on 7-10 place with my custom rider. Excellent gameplay.
    1. swaty
      Author's Response
      Cheers, glad to know Moto2 was affected for the better
  8. GabryMombi
    Version: 0.5
    The idea is good, AI is actually more aggressive, but as stated by another guy, the basically go wide in every single corner, losing time, so it's useless.
    1. swaty
      Author's Response
      Behaviour corrected in 0.6 and onwards
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